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Rogers Ramblings


Are we ready to read some more ramblings this week? Well saddle up your fastest horse and ride back with me into the past and learn more about our Johnny. O K – I will review and go back just a little to remind everyone where we are this week with our ramble that has been going on since the first of January. Our story is about a young couple, Johnny and Mary Lou, they grew up together in north west Webster county around the Sand Springs area and eventually married. Johnny joined the Union army and we learned two weeks ago he got shot and left for dead in Murfreesboro Tn in a brutal battle with thousands of casualties on both sides. In last week’s rambling we learned Mary Lou is going through her own daily battles with her father who has always been a confederate rebel that dislikes Mary Lou’s choice of a husband. Enough of the past. Let's proceed further. Let’s find out this week where our Johnny

is. The war is now over and Johnny is employed by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad Company, at their office in St Louis Missouri. Our Johnny is working at his desk getting the shipping manifest ready with the bills of ladings for all of the freight going west out of the train yard. Meanwhile: Mr. Kopler walks into Johnny's office. Johnny looks up at Mr Kopler: “I’m almost done sir. I just need to add all the figures together and our train will be ready to roll down the tracks.” Mr. Kopler replies, “No Johnny. I’m not here for the shipping manifest. I’m here to talk about your job.” Johnny frantically says, “ have I done something wrong?” Mr. Kopler shakes his head, “Oh no! To the contrary you are exceeding in your job here. Johnny, our company has been selected by the federal government to lay tracks to Springfield, Mo and who knows maybe all the way to California someday. We would like for you to relocate to Springfield, Mo and be in charge of all southern operations.” Johnny is in disbelief, “I don’t know what to

say.” Mr Kopler goes up to Johnny and gives him a big hug. “You’re just like a son to me. I know you were married to the love of your life in Webster county before the war started. Why didn’t you ever go down there to find her? (Johnny gets very emotional.) “ We were married in April of 1861 and later I rode off to war. I only received one letter and I wrote dozens. I was shot at Murfreesboro and took months to recover. After the war I was brought back to St Louis and I had a telegram waiting for me that my wife had been shot by bushwackers and my dad was killed at Pea Ridge and my mom died of a broken heart. I sent a telegram to verify it was true and the telegrapher from Sand Springs fired one back to verify it was indeed true. I simply have not had the heart to go back.” Mr Kopler: “Johnny, I know this is difficult for you but we need you to oversee all operations for all depots and tracks to Springfield.” Johnny, “but sir: are you sure I am the man for this job?” Mr Kopler, “without a doubt!!!! Please say yes!” (Johnny looks up), “If you believe in me sir I will do it!” Mr Koper, “You will have the finest office, raise in salary you name you got it! Wow Folks! This is it for another week. Our Johnny is coming back to Webster County very soon! Mmmmm if you have read every rambling you know something very fishy is going on! Don’t miss next week.


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