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Meet the 'Jays
This year’s Meet the ‘Jays for outdoor sports at R.A. Barr was a blast for all who appreciate the hard work these kids and their coaches put into their respective seasons.
Ballpark Preview: Conway Bears
The Bears are eyeing down the 2023 fall baseball season with almost the entire varsity squad returning to the field. 
Box to Box soccer preview: Marshfield Bluejays
The ‘Jays are looking to improve their play on the pitch as returning boys soccer head coach Tom Searson looks back at the previous season to improve his athletes for the 2023 season. 
Local News
Webster County graduates from MSU
During the summer this year, Missouri State University awarded 574 degrees to students from all over. These graduates will participate in the fall commencement ceremony on Dec. 16 at Great Southern Bank Arena at 685 S John Q Hammons Pkwy, Springfield, MO 65807.
Off to Neverland
With happy thoughts and a pinch of pixie dust, the Marshfield Community Theater (MCT) will take audiences off to Neverland in the upcoming performance of "Disney's Peter Pan Jr.", featuring performances from kids ages 5 to 18 from all over the area.
Preliminary hearing set for Young
Julia M. Young is scheduled to be in court on Jan. 17, 2024, with Judge Evans presiding for a preliminary hearing about her case.
Local Sports
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If you enjoy seeing hummingbirds, put up a hummingbird feeder and get ready for a lot of action: The fall feeding frenzy has begun.
Hi everyone, I am so very happy to be back for another rambling. The last few weeks, we have had a lot of fun and adventures reading about urban legends and stories of our Ozarks. Folks: this week, we are shifting gears and going to learn about a couple that lived among us on a typical Ozarks farm for many years. Their life and background is fascinating to me. They were both survivors of a German concentration camp during Hitler's reign. The Germans were very precise record keepers, requiring each prisoner to be tattooed with numbers. The lady had her identification numbers across her forehead, and the man had him on his forearm. You may ask, and rightly so, why are you so very interested in this terrible time of history and this couple? My interest in Hitler and Germany began in 1963 when I was a third grader. I saw movies of the Allies capturing concentration camps and bulldozing tens of thousands of bodies into pits to bury the bodies. Our school teachers taught history back then without the fluff and wanted us kids to know what our soldiers had freed the world of. My family came from Germany, and my wife was born in Nurnberg. My mother-in-law told me of the time when she met Adolf Hitler as a young girl at school and got clobbered over the head by an S. S. Nazi soldier for not saluting the Fuhrer. Hitler began WW2 in 1939, and after conquering Poland, he began his roundup of Jews and undesirables to be slaves in war factories or sent to concentration camps. Friends, our couple that immigrated to our country were both victims of Hitler's hatred. This story of Otto and Zelda Hofstein is heart-wrenching and disturbing. In order to help understand how a whole nation could take on the world, we must understand Hitler's Germany. Hitler was a very evil and cunning politician; he became the ultimate leader in 1933 and implemented his programs to transform his nation fundamentally. Number one: Indoctrinate all children through the schools. Number two, control the news media. Number three, create a hate group to blame the nation's problems on. Hitler hated Jews. When he began WW2, he envisioned conquering the world and terminating all Jews. Number 4, Hitler also hated Christians who believed in the Bible. He strongly warned the preachers never to mention anything about government activities from the pulpit, or else they would be rounded up. (mmm mmm, is today's America repeating history?) When Hitler's army began their invasion of Poland, they destroyed buildings and structures and began rounding up all Jews and former military and government officials and terminating them on the spot. Word spread quickly! The Polish army was no match for German armor and was defeated in only 35 days. Meanwhile, The families of Otto and Zelda both lived a few miles from Warsaw in the country and were able to hide out in various caves and underground hidden cellars when German soldiers came around. Everyday life was searching for food, hiding their gardens and animals in the forest, and always on guard for Nazi soldier patrols. Fast forward two more years, and our Hofstein and Abram families are struggling, to say the least. They have evaded German capture by changing their names and dressing differently. The two families have joined ranks together and live in a secret cave next to a big cliff. One evening a Nazi patrol is spotted, and our Zelda is hoeing the cabbage and spots a motorized patrol of 20 Nazis coming their way. She runs to warn everyone, but it's too late. The soldiers have already spotted her. Oh no, folks! We have got to stop at this point. Next week, the brutal treatment of our Zelda and Otto and their families will begin. Tell your friends and neighbors to read the Rambling. This series will be several weeks. Do not miss a single issue. Until next time, my friends. This is Rambling Roger. P. S. This story is not for the fluffy; we will describe in detail what happens to them, their families, and millions of others just like them.
Howdy, everyone; I am so glad to be back again for more ramblings this week. I am beginning to feel Fall in the air, and I have already seen bunches of deer moving around everywhere this week. To all my rambling friends and neighbors, please become deer-cautious as you drive around the country. This past week, I almost hit a deer as it was crossing in front of me. I have seen some hunters practicing bow shooting-honing their skills for the opening day of bow
I took care of my baby brother Stephen when he was a baby. I never wondered what he would grow up to be, and I never had the chance to see.
I saw one of those motivational signs the other day. Some of these signs, I admit, I find annoying. But this one made me think. It read, “The world needs who you were made to be.” I later realized it was just the title of some kids’ book, and yet, it still captivated me. Can we be who we weren’t made to be? And, how, really, do we know who we are made to be, in each and every respect? The complete subjectiveness, of this line of thought, is what I find mesmerizing. There are no guidelines in this area. No one can tell us. No one has authority over what we have to decide, for ourselves, who we were made to be. We must figure this all out ourselves, listening to inner guidance only.
The Marshfield Bluejays continued showcasing their athletes for the fall season by having another night of Meet the Jays in the high school gym. Audiences only had to pay the entrance fee of a single pack of gum to meet the girls golf, boys swimming, and volleyball teams.
On Aug. 11, the Marshfield R-1 school news Facebook page posted that grades k-12 would receive free breakfast this year as part of the Provision 2 Program.
As the new school year approaches, many districts in Webster County will welcome students and staff back to their buildings.
New fencing around the playground area at Niangua Schools has been installed ahead of the school year, a project that could not have been completed this year without help from the community and support from school administrators.
The 7th and 8th grade Marshfield Gifted Education students have returned from our amazing trip to Destination Imagination Global Finals in Kansas City, MO.
The colder it gets outside this winter season, the more people will turn up the heater. We often forget that besides the refrigerator, our heater/AC, aka HVAC is one of the most crucial machines in our homes we need to keep our lives going comfortably. Until the heater stops working… heaven forbid that were to happen, but if so, who should you turn to?
A new weekly segment coming to the Marshfield Mail will feature and Athlete or Scholar of the week from around the County.
Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?
On December 16 the Webster County Sheriff’s Department notified the public of a missing woman, Prem Kuar Prasad, a 65 year old Indian woman.
If you have a senior family member or an adult family member with a disability, it will come as no surprise that there is a house shortage for that population. Wait lists can be up to two years long for some housing centers. For Marshfield, that crisis will soon be less extensive.
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