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The Battle of Webster County


On Friday, Oct. 6, the Logan-Rogersville Wildcats traveled to R.A. Barr to take on the Marshfield Bluejays at their Homecoming.

"Homecoming is always a special time of the season, with a big crowd and a week-long celebration," said Marshfield head coach Cody Bull. "Every year is special getting to watch our seniors grow into leaders. They realize how short high school football really is."

The Jays had their coronation before the game at 6:30. Wide receiver Marcus Gritts and Zoey Kerns walked away as King and Queen.

At 7 p.m. the game started with Marshfield receiving.

The Battle had commenced. 

The Wildcats foiled an early punt attempt to start their drive at Marshfield’s nine-yard line. Kolbey Ballowe quickly ran the ball in for a rushing touchdown. The Cats converted the extra point through kicker Stewart McDonald. 

The Jays turned it around on the next kick. Gritts received the kick and ran the ball for 96 yards into the endzone. Calli Watson converted the extra point. 

The score was tied 7-7. 

Logan-Rogersville’s following drive was almost stopped by an interception by Joey Tackett. A facemask call left the ball in the Wildcat's hands. 

Ballowe ran the ball in for a 24-yard touchdown leaving the score 14-7 in the first quarter after the field goal conversion. 

The Wildcats took the lead to 21-7 after Ballowe ran the ball again for a touchdown. Before the half, Stewart McDonald kicked the ball in for a 45-yard field goal with seconds remaining in the half. The score was 24-7.

Ballowe kept the ball for yet another scramble leading to a touchdown and a score of 31-7. 

Tyce Jones ran the ball for an 80-yard touchdown to give the Jays their second touchdown. 

Despite the Jays’ best efforts, the Logan-Rogersville Wildcats clawed out a win on the road. The final score was 49-13.

The Logan-Rogersville Wildcats took this year’s Battle of Webster County.

"It's always good to play well in a rivalry game," said Wildcat head coach Mark Talbet. "We started to play with confidence offensively for the first time in a while."

Logan-Rogersville is looking to carry the momentum from The Battle of Webster County to their next game against Reeds Spring. 

"They have some really good team speed and are always very well coached," added Talbert. "Last Friday was a great step in the right direction for our players and team. When we to Mount Vernon in our first week of implementing a new offensive scheme, we told our players to be patient, keep working, and the results will come. We are hopeful that we are starting to see the results of that investment from our team. It should be a really fun game on Friday night with Reeds Spring."

Elsewhere, the Strafford Indians hosted Forsyth in a loss 28-42. 

Next week is Strafford’s homecoming. Check next week’s edition of The Marshfield Mail for the story. 

Marshfield will take on Mt. Vernon on the road. Check next week's edition of The Marshfield Mail to see how they did.

Other Battles of Webster County took place over the week. Check the Mail Sports Recap for the results. 


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