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The Boys Next Door


Coming to The Carl & Glessie Young Auditorium and presented by Marshfield High School comes the play "The Boys Next Door." A story that is very close and dear to the Director and Speech & Debate teacher, Greg Holtschneider, Who recently announced he would be retiring this year. Before the show opens, he shares his thoughts about the upcoming play.

"This is a great show! I like it so much because it tells the stories of these characters that happen to be dealing with different disabilities. It attempts to bring to light that these people, although dealing with different levels of disabilities, have the same wishes and dreams that we have. Treating them differently is a mistake." Mr. Holtschneider would continue, letting the public know what to expect, "The show has a wonderful mix of humor and drama. The characters are enjoyable, and the audience will fall in love with them. We hope the night is filled with laughter and coupled with a few scenes of intrigue and concern. We hope the audience feels warm inside when the final lights go down, knowing they just experienced something wonderful."

Plays can always be a challenge; this one, in particular, is no exception. For this play, the crew has been working with the special education classes to ensure the characters they play on stage are authentic, not stereotypical.

"This show is so meaningful. Not only has it been performed here before, but we're also performing it now. this is Mr. Holtschneider's last show. The show has so much meaning, its a good way to tell the audience a story and give them a life lesson. To show them that people with disabilities or are mentally handicapped are the same as people without. They have the same dreams, same motives, wants and needs as us but they are not treated the same. This show proves they are humans." told Ian Thompson, who will play the role of Arnold Wiggins.

Many of the cast and crew echoed the same thoughts, knowing how meaningful this play is to Holtschneider. But for one performer, there is a lot more to this play.

"It means a lot to me for several different reasons." reflected Sheldon Smith, a Marshfield Alumni that was one of the actors who performed in the play the first time. "I remember being in high school. I was a sophomore. We had a new teacher coming to town called himself Mr. H. I knew he had professional experience. I was excited to try being one of his plays, so I got casted as Lucien P. Smith. And then there was another cute girl that played Sheila, and her name was Jessica. We started dating during that time, and how she is my wife. It was an impactful show, especially for a kid. There are some adult themes throughout. It's a great play with a lot of soul. A lot of the cast mates are my friends for this day. And so here we are."

The Cast and Crew are as follows:

Dramatis Personae: (In order of appearance)

Arnold Wiggins- Ian Thompson

Lucien P. Smith- Walter Totten

Jack Palmer- Greg Holtschneider

Norman Bulansky- Jude Gann

Barry Klemper- Sam Holtschneider

Mr. Hedges- Zane Wood

Mrs. Fremus- Bryna Norman

Mrs. Warren- Evelyn Wilcox

Sheila- Cayley Dooly

Clara- Mya Doty

Mr. Corbin- Jasper Boone

Mr. Klemper- Sheldon Smith

Senator Clarke- Kaitlyn Riggins

Senate announcer- Juliana Beatie

Train Announcer- Hayden Pyle

Production crew

Director- Greg A. Holtschneider

Art Director- Tina Hyde

Light board operator- Tucker Gray

Lighting Rough hang & Focus- Cooper Harrod

Sound Coordinator- Allie McCormick

Stage Manager- Anna DeGuire

Assistant Stage Manager- Alex Macdonald

Costume Mistress- Lauren Replogle

Costume Crew- Ethan Rockwood, Boden Fairweather,

Taylor Clift, Travis Moore

Properties Manager- Lilly Macdonald

Props/running crew- Jasper Boone, Hayden Schultz, Libbey Kastning, Theo Mann

Sound Assistant- Jayla Latham

Hair & Make up coordinator- Raina Barth

Hair & Make up Crew- Lou Westfall, Chante Michaud

Ushers Natalie Cruise, Lucas Ruth, Mackenna Mendes

Advertising Manager- Emily Grooms

Lobby Display- Anna DeGuire

Program- Michael Ragsdale

Editor- Angela Holtschneider

Poster & T-shirt Designs- Michael Ragsdale

Set Design- Greg A. Holtschneider

Set Construction- Hailey Barnes, Jeremy Belcavitch, Cash Bright, Taylor Clift, Aaron Coleman, Cody Cook, Dalley Dees, Anna DeGuire, Cayley Dooly, Sophia Eddings, Laken Fullerton, Cooper Harrod, Brayden Hicks, Kayden Hyder, Zhane Koster, JJ Lambert, Allie Lawson, Allie McCormick, Travis Moore, Rayah Nichols, Lauren Raines, Lauren Replogle, Ethan Rockwood, Hayden Schultz, Bee Steen, Walter Totten, Shay Trout, Jacob Wheeler

The show starts at 7:00 p.m. and runs on Feb 23, 24, and 25.

Tickets are for Adults -$7.50 and Seniors/Students -$5.00 and can only be purchased in person. Hope to see you there!


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