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Demolition Derby 


The demolition derby event is quite possibly one of the best events at the Webster County Fair (if you ask anyone in my family anyway). Taking place this year on July 2 at 7:00 p.m., the derby is being hosted by the Hillbilly Derby. 

“This year we have eliminated the limited weld class. We are only doing two classes. We’ve split the money up so there is more for the competitors to win,” explained Randal Stone, one of the organizers of the Derby. “I would almost guarantee we will have double the car count from last year if not more.”

For anyone who has never attended a demolition derby, here’s a quick breakdown of the rules: “From the drop of the green flag, you have to make contact every 60 seconds,” Stone explained. “When your car is done running, if you make an illegal hit, or get knocked out of bounds, then you have to break your stick. Then you have to try and qualify for consolation or you are done for the night. The goal is to be the last car mobile that can make a hit.” 

“One thing we are going to do this year is a Mad Dog Award…there’s a lot of people, we call them sandbaggers; they’ll go out, they abide by the rules, they get by all the crazy stuff and they make it to the end, that’s why we are encouraging Mad Dog,” shared Stone. In layman’s terms, a sandbagger is someone who just goes out and doesn’t really try to make any hits or put on a show, they might just tap another car to qualify as making contact. 

“So we will stop the show and pull you off the track if we feel like you are a Mad Dog contender; hard hitting, what the crowd likes and what the crowd wants. It’s an incentive for those cars to go straight to the feature,” shared Stone. “As a promoter, we know you fans want a show. The best way to have a show is to get a bunch of the big hitters into the feature.” 

There will be cash prizes for each of the competition brackets as well as the new Mad Dog award and cash prize. “$1,000 cash prize for mini class and $2,000 for the full size class. If there is anyone out there willing to help sponsor the Mad Dog Award, the bigger the prize the better the show,” laughed Stone.

It is $50 to enter a car into the derby. Cars must pass tech by 4:00 p.m. on July 2 to be able to enter into the Demolition Derby. If you would like to enter a car, sponsor the Mad Dog award or have questions contact Randal Stone at 417-718-4162 or Ben at 417-849-2745. 



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