Junior Leiken Barter scored the lone goal in the Marshfield High School girls soccer team’s 1-0 win over the Hillcrest Lady Hornets Monday night off a penalty kick 10 minutes into the second half.

“We were trying to get a through ball and run onto it, and one girl just happened to put her hand up and we got a PK off of it,” Barter said. “I was thinking to keep it on the ground but then I thought their goalie was pretty skilled on the ground, so I kicked it in the air.”

In the second half, on a Marshfield corner kick, a Hillcrest defender was called for a handball in the keeper box to give the Lady Jays a free kick in the penalty area. Barter netted the ball past Hillcrest's keeper to give Marshfield a 1-0 lead.

“The pressure made that happen. We told them to keep coming in the box and something was going to happen. Leiken stepped up big time and finished it when she needed to,” Marshfield coach Paul Lewis said. “They held through today and we won. I'll take it any way we can get it.”

The Lady Jays defense held strong as they battled back and forth with the Lady Hornets. Defensively, the Lady Jays were able to apply pressure to the Lady Hornets offense and come away with a win.

“I believe defensively we worked together as a team, which really helped us in the back,” Marshfield senior Dallas Hougardy said. “We always think, even if we are up one, that the score is 0-0. We want to keep going and push just as hard as we would if we were still going for the first goal, so I think staying level headed really helped us towards the end.”

An experienced backfield played a key part for Marshfield as they were able to limit Hillcrest's offense most of the game.

“Experience always helps and we're starting to come along. Those four have been back there for a while and are used to working with each other,” Lewis said. “We've improved and we've been in a lot more games. I can't ask for a whole lot more, especially in these conditions.”

With the win, the Lady Jays improved to 3-4 on the season and play next at Branson tomorrow (Thursday) and at home against Monett Monday.

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