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We're Rearranging


We're Rearranging

At my house, it feels as though it’s constantly in need of “rearranging,” as in “My world is changing. I’m rearranging.” That’s what the little Who sings out in the famed Grinch movie, and that one lyric fits the bill in so many areas of life, materially, along with the unseen.

I know that not everyone can relate to this problem. Some are single with no one else to clean up after, and there are other families who tidying up seems to come much more naturally to. However, this type of situation may come up in any realm of livelihood, not just houses. Things change. Countries aren’t stable. Prices go up. Life changes so quickly, and it gets messy. We start to feel out of control. And then, if we are to fight back, we have to figure out how to restore order. The only cure I’ve found is listening to the advice of a great spiritual leader, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, as he says “The more things change, the more we must depend on those things that never change.”

At the Marshfield Mail, this is the first week without our dear former editor, Alyssa. Everyone will miss her! So, we, too, are rearranging. Things are getting shuffled around, and they will find new homes, the place where they belong. But, what is staying the same is that the printed word, in this case, your beloved Marshfield Mail, brings you, dear reader, things that you need to know. And this specific printed word is made possible by those of us who are here working for the newspaper. Rest assured that we are committed to continue to deliver that important information to you, no matter what other changes the entire world decides to throw our way, and we sincerely hope you enjoy!


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