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Round up restores library


Niangua is home to approximately 540 people according to the 2020 US census. Its most hoppin’ spot is the single gas station, Hannah’s, that sits just across the railroad tracks in town. However, there happens to be an even cooler spot, just before you cross the tracks: The Vivian Stuber Memorial Library. 

“We’ve been open for just a little over ten years, in 2011 on Labor Day Weekend” shared Betty Day, President of the Board for the Library. “We were going to build a building, but this building came up for sale. We found that we could buy it a lot cheaper than we could build one. We’ve been trying to remodel it back to the way it was originally inside. We finally got it all done with the help of Webster Electric.”

Prior to being a library it was a bank. “There’s a back room…we’ve covered up the entrance but it used to be a garage that he ( the bank owner) would park his car while he was at work,” laughed Day. 

The library received a grant from the Webster Electric Roundup to purchase new guttering, tile, a dehumidifier and a bookcase.

With their patrons consisting of mostly “older ladies that like to read” the Vivian Stuber Memorial Library is a bright spot in Niangua; their new guttering and pretty blooming petunias creating a calm, clean and welcoming esthetic. 

“Come and see us! We’ve got a history room, lots of old pictures of Niangua…I think people just don’t realize what we’ve got here and what they can see and do here,” shared Day.

The library hours are Monday through Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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