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New murals shed light on Marshfield community


A new painting near Hubble Elementary is lifting spirits as the new school year kicks off – reminding us that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

The mural was painted by local artist, Samantha Cox for a client who wanted to spread some positivity.

“This project was amazing from start to finish,” said Cox. “She told me to just go for it and use an uplifting quote, so we chose this one.’

Amanda Mellington commissioned the piece and lives in Marshfield, next to the schools. She also works in the medical field and figured everyone could use a positive message.

“She wanted me to do something bright and colorful,” Cox recalled. “ She wanted the kids to smile on their way through to school because of COVID and everything… it’s been a super hard year.”

According to Cox, blending the morning sky with the colors of the night was a challenge, but everything came together beautifully in the end.

“A lot of kids drove by as I was painting it too and they loved it before I was even done… I was just really excited to do something like that for people driving by. She wanted moms, dads, everyone driving by during the school year to be happy… that was just the best,” said Cox. “I really wanted to make this good for her, and her reaction was great – she loved it. That kid of stuff is just the feel good.”

Speaking of feel good art – Cox played a part in assisting a local small-business owner this past week. Amber Brand, owner of the Clay Street Boutique, hired Cox to paint a body positivity mural at her shop on the square in Marshfield. Within just a few days of completing the project, a large crack appeared in the window, taking out two of the three silhouettes in the painting.

“Samantha is so amazing. She offered to come back, I never even asked her to,” said Brand. “She just repainted it out of the kindness of her heart… she just said, “Let me know when it’s fixed,” and showed up.”

While the body positivity movement has been met with backlash in the past, Brand believes the heat was the culprit causing the crack. However, it made for a funny photo as the gals rounded the square and headed off to be discarded.

Cox’s work can bee spotted around town – as she also painted the Welcome to Marshfield mural on Spur Drive, the Siloh at Whispering Oaks Golf Coarse and most recently, an outdoor scene at 417 Pest Solutions on Jackson Street. To contact Cox about a potential painting, search @ArtBySamanthaCox on Facebook or Instagram.


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