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Local restaurant hopes to serve alcohol


A Marshfield business is petitioning the City of Marshfield for the ability to serve liquor at their new restaurant location.

The Whole Kitchen opened its doors on Oct. 2. Co-Owners Kasey Thiele and Blake Kaisler founded the restaurant with intentions of giving the community more healthy food options. While offering healthy foods is a priority, the owners recently began a petition to be able to serve light beer and wine for event nights and allowing for adults of age to enjoy a drink while eating out.

Due to the location of the building, the restaurant has not been granted that permission. Being within 300 feet of the Marshfield United Methodist Church and on a school owned road, the Kitchen is unable to sell the alcohol.

“There is nothing here that provides this type of atmosphere in Marshfield. It will not be a bar atmosphere but somewhere that families can come on a Friday night and mom and dad can have a glass of wine with their meal instead of having to travel to get that,” said Thiele.

The biggest concern with serving the alcohol is because of the young drivers that may be in the area with the location being close to the school. According to city code, the restaurant has to be at least 300 feet from a church as well as a school.

“We don’t feel that it is a threat because it is not a bar. It is going to be a very controlled environment with a two drink limit and we won’t be serving during school hours,” said Kaisler.

Kaisler said that when presented to the Board of Alderman at a September meeting, it was not denied. However, the board did not vote on the issue. The owners say this urged them to start the petition. Once enough signatures are gathered, they plan to represent it to the board.

“We just want to show that there is community support behind this and involvement because of what it is, not being a full bar, just a place for families, date nights and a place to hang out then maybe we will show them that the community is behind this, “ said Kasey Thiele.

The petition can be found on The Whole Kitchen’s Facebook page.


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