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Learn How to be Self-Relient

Ozarks 2022 Homesteading Expo


The past few years have made people realize they need to be more self-sufficient. People are growing tired of the urban jungle and want to return to simpler times. Many folks have thought about it, but few have taken the plow.  A lot of people just may not know where to start. Luckily, there is an event coming soon that just might be the magic beans they are looking for. The 2022 Ozarks Homesteading Expo will be at the Webster County Fairgrounds located at 614 N. Marshall St from August 26 through Aug 27. 

The event will be full of the education needed to live a homesteading life—everything from cattle raising, beekeeping, gardening, to even cheese making. The event will also have over 70 vendors selling things from food, equipment, gardening supplies, and knowledge. This event will be beneficial for anyone looking to become self-reliant. “I think many people got a wake-up call in the last couple of years when panic mode set in and they could not get groceries or basic necessities,” said Ozarks Homesteading Expo Founder and Organizer Cheryl Franklin.  

Franklin continues this would be the second year the event is held in Marshfield, which she is excited about. Franklin recalled, “Our first expo was in Neosho in 2019, but we outgrew the venue. So I moved it to Marshfield, which has excellent fairgrounds for this kind of event”.

Franklin continues, “Most of our experts are primarily from the Ozarks, but some are nationally or even internationally known.” Those speakers include foraging expert Rachel West, dairy goat keeper Bobbi Brooks, natural beekeeper Dr. Leo Sharashkin, and even Youtube celebrities such as Pork Rhyne TV and White House on the Hill. Franklin mentions, “We have people from all over the country coming for this event, which is shaping up to be a big deal for Marshfield.” It’s such a big deal that the local Holiday Inn is currently booked up for the event.

The two-day expo costs $25 and covers the entire event. However, children under 17 can get in free. Franklin explains, “I want kids to come to the event without hindrance. We will have hands-on things for them to do.” One thing is for sure. The event is not something you want to miss if you are looking to hone your skills, learn a new craft, or connect with other folks with similar interests. 

Franklin does encourage people to buy their tickets online; that way, the staff can plan accordingly. For further information or to purchase tickets, check out Ozarks Homesteading on Facebook and visit their website ozarkshomesteading.com.


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