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How did I get here?


Hello again! I hope all is well with you! I’m back this week with another chapter on how did I get here? Last week I just recapped that I got into a training department right as Covid came to the states. Like many of us, I felt lost at first. All my daily habits, including shopping and visiting friends and family, were suddenly thrown out the window.

Work was very similar to this lost feeling. It is hard to train new people if none are hired into the company. So what did we do? While working from home, the training department supported the teams on the phones, helping customers via online chat or taking escalation calls. I use the term support, but it felt like some team’s higher-ups took advantage of us so they did not have to do as much work. It was frustrating, but we did the best we could. It did not help that people were being laid off or quitting while that was happening, which added more stress to everyone. I’m not going to lie; I was tempted to join those who left a few times, but I talked myself out of it, scared of all the what-ifs.

A few months later, as the world was starting to open up, so did the call center, and the higher-ups were despite to fill the empty seats. For the training department and me, it was one grindstone to another. While I was happy to be training classes, it was back-to-back-to-back. There was no rest for the training department.

We were all working as hard as possible. Still, we are all human, not machines. Many companies forget this crucial detail and expect everyone to work 110%.

After a while, my boss got on to us for not taking breaks and would make us take time off. Looking back, I appreciate that boss caring about our physical and mental health. As the months passed, many in the call center were getting promoted and relocating. These promotions included a few coworkers and my boss, who hired me. We got a new boss, and things started going downhill for me.

More to come in next week’s chapter.


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