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Five Horror Series To Make Your Skin Crawl


The month of spooks continues, so here is something aimed more at the teens and adults in the room. In no particular order, here are five horror series to scream about… I mean stream…

Stranger Things — set in the 80s, the series is a prime time for horror fans and casual audiences alike. Everyone can enjoy the show as it is full of shady government agents, fun music, monsters, and pop culture references. It is a great way to reminisce on the past. All four seasons can be found lurking on Netflix.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? — Starting in the 90s, Are you afraid is an anthology series where teenagers try to get a leg up on each other by telling the scariest story. The series is aimed at teen audiences, and doesn’t include the usual blood or gore. A great and sometimes scary show that the whole family could watch if they chose to. All seven seasons can currently be scared on Paramount +.

The Twilight Zone- what you are about to see is unlike anything you have seen before. While leaning toward science fiction, TZ is another anthology series that has plenty of elements in each episode to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. All 150 episodes are available for your consideration at Paramount +.

American Horror Story- Each season brings its layer and unique story of horror. Monsters, aliens, murderers, cults, and more are all here. Now the themes are more adult, so make sure the little monsters are in bed before settling in and watching the horror unfold. Anyone can summon all ten seasons of American Horror Story on Hulu.

Chucky- The Chucky movie franchise continues in this television series. Full of great characters, jokes, and horror. This series is great for long-time fans and newcomers alike. With a second season just starting, Season one of Chucky can be found slashing on Peacock.

Hopefully, this helps out everyone interested in horror and who wants to watch it year-round. So enjoy the shows, and have a great rest of your shift.


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