How was your weekend? Mine went by in a blur.

I took some time off work Thursday and Friday, and during that time I embarked on a whirlwind road trip to Maine.

The trip entailed 50 total hours behind the wheel, and it covered 3,400 miles. All told, I went through nine states on each leg of the journey, though I could enjoy eight of them only from the interstate. 

My car, a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, did a good job of holding up to the challenge, although a back window is taped up with plastic, and I’m pretty sure I had a universal joint break at my last fill-up. I hobbled home just fine, and I felt lucky to have made it without major difficulty.

Though I got home Sunday night, I swear I can still feel my body moving.

That’s physics, I think. Isaac Newton’s first law of motion says that a body in motion wishes to remain in motion. All of those interstate hours had my body hurtling forward at 75 miles per hour or more, and I'm sure I felt it in my blood and my organs and my nerves. 

On medical questionnaires, I tend to put a checkmark on “mostly sedentary,” though even that feels a little optimistic. I sit a lot to do my writing and editing work — both personal and professional — and while I might find myself throwing a ball or having a light saber battle with my kids, I’m not running any marathons. So much speed for such a long time must have been a shock to the system, even though I was sitting the whole time.

The occasion for my travel was a memorial service for my ex-husband and dearest friend. I was there to deliver a small eulogy for a person I loved dearly and miss intensely. The heart, too, knows what it’s like to speed along on its expected track and suddenly terminate its course. The feeling doesn’t leave us when the actual journey is through.

Maine is beautiful right now. Everything is green and the temperatures stay around the mid-70s. By the roadside, people have set up tables to sell wild Maine blueberries, which are notable for their size — they’re quite tiny, compared to what we see in supermarkets here — and they’re a bold purple color, and intensely sweet.

It was a long trip to take for these tiny globes of sweetness, but they were worth it. My friend was worth it. Next I can try arriving at acceptance and rest.

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