In order to set the budget for the 2019-2020 school year accurately, Marshfield R-I superintendent David Steward requested salary schedules be adopted during the Marshfield Board of Education meeting Monday (May 20) in the Marshfield High School library.

Steward presented proposed salary schedules, which included classified hourly, classified salary, administrative salary, superintendent salary, certified salary and extra duty salary. With the classified hourly employees, Steward recommended granting a step on the schedule and increasing all base wages by $0.35 per hour. He explained depending on where you are on the schedule, a step could be $0.40 or $0.50 if you’re at a landmark year (if you’ve been with the district for 10 years).

Steward recommended on the classified salary schedule (financial staff, technology staff, Parents As Teachers staff, maintenance staff) that a step be granted, that the board increase all base wages by $500 per year and that they add step 17 to the technology columns. According to Steward, two of the district’s technology coordinators are maxed out on the technology schedule, which only goes to step 16, so they would receive the base wages, but they would not get anything else.

On the administrative salary schedule, Steward recommended granting a step, but said they will not change the base wages. He said they will be making the following changes to the schedule: change to director column from 240 days to 260 days with corresponding changes to listed salaries, adding of executive director column and adding of step 17 to all columns. Steward noted their administrative raises are typically more than 1% of just a step.

With the superintendent salary, Steward said there would only be an increase by 1% per contract since teacher’s get a step. The Marshfield R-I School Board has the flexibility to grant additional percentages between 0% and the percentage increase to the teacher base salary.

Steward recommended a step be granted in education advancement on the certified salary schedule. He also requested to increase the base wages by $750, which would bring it from $34,000 to $34,750 and provide $30 per day reimbursement for sick leave granted during the year. Steward also noted closing the stagnant areas on the schedule.

On the extra duty schedule, Steward recommended increasing the Marshfield Junior High School basketball coaches wage from 9% to 10% so that it matches the Marshfield Junior High School football coaches’ wages. In addition, he said since they have an instructional coach, they want extra days listed on the schedule, so he recommended adding 10 days to it.

Other items approved:

    •    Approved liquefied petroleum gas quote from Brooks Gas

    •    Approved leave policy updates

    •    Approved Tax Anticipation Note Resolution/Tax Anticipation Note Approval

    •    Approved student lunch prices

    •    Approved 2019-20 mileage rate

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