New assistant principal

Marshfield High School's newest assistant principal Michael Crews, far right, listens as Marshfield High School principal Jeff Curley introduces himself, along with Crews and Brad Hurley, who was hired last year as the Marshfield High School assistant principal, during the New Teacher Academy in August.

You can find him at Marshfield High School, monitoring student attendance and other programs at the school.

Michael Crews serves as the new assistant principal at Marshfield High School. He started his position in July and finds his experience an enjoyable one so far. Prior to coming to Marshfield, Crews was a teacher and coach at Willard High School and at Hartville High School. He said he believes a career in education is valuable and something he was interested in.

"Careers in education provide an opportunity to help young people grow to become the best possible person they can be," said Crews.

Some of Crew's responsibilities include ninth- and tenth-grade discipline, coordinating the A-Plus Program and monitoring the overall attendance for the high school. Crews works alongside Marshfield High School principal Jeff Curley and Brad Hurley, who was hired as the assistant principal last year, after Kevin Armstrong retired as assistant principal and athletic director. While Hurley serves as disciplinarian for the juniors and seniors this year, just as Crews is the disciplinarian for the freshman and sophomores.

"Both Hurley and Crews are good men," said Curley. "I am very blessed to have both of them working with me at the high school. They are very student-centered decision makers." 

Crews is originally from Arkansas. His family currently lives in Willard, Missouri. Crews earned his undergraduate degree from College of the Ozarks and his master’s in administration from William Woods University. His wife, Carrie, is on staff in the Missouri State University College of Agriculture. They have two children, Beau, 11, and Lauren, 9. When he isn’t tending to his assistant principal duties, Crews enjoys outdoor activities with his family, such as camping and hiking. They also enjoy being involved in their church. When asked what his biggest pet peeve is, Crews said, "My biggest pet peeve might be slow drivers in the passing lane on Interstate 44."

From his experience in Marshfield, Crews said he hopes to establish positive relationships with the students, faculty and staff.

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