A Marshfield man is facing four counts of stealing a firearm/explosive weapon and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm, after allegedly taking them from the Rifleman Gun and Pawn in Marshfield.

Kenneth Tyron was charged with the Class D felonies in regards to an incident that happened earlier this month. According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, on Nov. 14, an officer met with the victim at the Marshfield Police Department to file a report for stolen property. The victim said he had noticed a rifle was missing from his business and later noticed other items missing, including a shotgun, handgun and diamond ring. The victim said in the statement he received information leading him to believe that Tyron had stolen the items and pawned them. The victim showed the officer a text message from another witness in which he told her Tyron had a limited time to tell him where his rifle was, and she told him Tyron said it was at Rifleman’s.

During the investigation, the officer received a criminal history for Tyron and it showed he had been convicted of a felony and would therefore not be allowed to possess a firearm. The officer also found records at Rifleman's, where Tyron had pawned two firearms, including a rifle and shotgun matching the description of two of the stolen firearms.

According to the statement, on Nov. 23, Tyron was arrested and the officer brought him to the Marshfield Police Department to talk with him about this incident. Tyron was read his Miranda rights and he said he understood his rights. During the conversation, Tyron said in the statement he had stolen several items from the victim, including a handgun, rifle and diamond ring. His description of the firearms matched the ones the victim described as stolen, according to the statement. He also admitted he was a convicted felon and said he had stolen the items over the course of about a month. The appraised value of the ring was $4,299.

Tyron was arraigned on Tuesday at the Webster County Courthouse.

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