Michael Griffin, 33, of Marshfield is in custody for allegedly shooting a man in the head. The victim, whose name has not been released, remains alive with life-threatening injuries at Cox South Hospital in Springfield.

The Webster County Sheriff's Office received a report of a victim with a gunshot wound to the head at 4:13 p.m. Friday. A witness located unharmed at the scene, a residence at 199 Sequioia Drive, Niangua, claimed to have witnessed Griffin shoot the victim in the head with a small pistol.

A probable cause statement completed by Sheriff Roye Cole said that Griffin had stated he would not go back to prison and would kill any officer who tried to arrest him. Griffin was taken into custody Saturday.

Griffin has a prior record of second-degree assault from 2017.

In an interview with The Mail, Sheriff Cole said that early in the investigation, a witness failed to tell the whole story. “It took us a little time to piece it together,” he said. “We were able to use the information we had and the evidence to logically talk our way through.”

The victim was shot in the top of the head, allegedly by Griffin.

"Ironically, this isn’t the first case we worked where he shot someone at that house," the sheriff said.

Griffin's brother-in-law lives at the residence, which has a lot of traffic in and out, Sheriff Cole said.

The shooting allegedly followed an argument over a stolen Jeep. "As a result of that argument, Michael got involved,” the sheriff explained. “We believe he ran into the house, knew where [victim's name] was, when straight to where [victim’s name] was and immediately shot him right in the head."

At that point, the sheriff noted, Griffin allegedly took off right away. "We don't even have a record of any words being exchanged," he said.

Deputies found the victim still sitting in the bed, the sheriff said. "He was shot in the head before he ever stood up," he said.

Sheriff Cole said that the victim would have heard the shooter come in the door. "Because so many people come in and out of the house, they didn’t respond," he said. "It's a home with a lot of traffic. We’ve had several incidents there."

The sheriff said that meth seemed to have been involved, but was not the apparent cause of the incident.

Charges against Griffin include felony assault in the first degree (Class A), which carries a sentencing range of 10-30 years or life imprisonment, and armed criminal action, which carries a sentencing range of no less than three years without eligibility for parole.

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