Good Samaritan

On the road leading to Donna Shields' property, a Good Samaritan decided to pull over and help another driver, Cricket Rogers of Marshfield, who was having trouble with the water pump in her vehicle. The Good Samaritan, who asked to be left unnamed, also volunteered to take Rogers to the school to pick up her grandson from school and then take them back home.

Around 4 p.m. on Aug. 25, Donna Shields went to take out the trash and pick up the mail from her mailbox when she noticed two vehicles parked alongside the gravel driveway.

Shields lives on State Highway A in Marshfield. She met Cricket Rogers of Marshfield, who was having issues with her car. The other person, who wished to be left unnamed, was already on the scene when Shields arrived.

"The woman was the Good Samaritan," said Shields. "She's the one who pulled over to help Cricket."

Shields asked Cricket if there was something she could do and Cricket told her it was the water pump on her car.

Rogers was on her way to pick up her grandson from school when the water pump broke. The woman who stopped offered to help Rogers in any way she could. She took Rogers to the school to pick up her grandson and even volunteered to take them back home.

Shields said she told Rogers she could leave her vehicle in the driveway as long as she needed to.

"It really was no problem at all," said Shields. "We have all this property, so it's no big deal to have a car here. I think Cricket called her relative to come and fix the vehicle."

Shields felt like sharing the story with The Mail to highlight the Good Samaritans out there.

"My daughter wrote a book on paying it forward," said Shields. "That's my philosophy, and whenever I see it I try to applaud it. Even if she was in a hurry to do something, the citizen was going to give all the time Cricket needed to help her out."

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