Ronald Collins

Ronald R. Collins

A Fordland man entered a guilty plea Friday morning for an incident back in 2018 with his then girlfriend at the time, who he held against her will inside a vehicle and shot her in the head.

Ronald R. Collins was charged with assault (Class D Felony) in the second degree and kidnapping (Class B Felony) in the first degree. In the reported incident, law enforcement arrived on scene, where they found the victim with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head. A semiautomatic pistol was located inside a truck at the scene and what appeared to be a part of a projectile stuck in the passengers’ side of the windshield, according to the statement.

The officer spoke to Collins, who told police he, the victim and another male left the residence to see a concert. An argument ensued between Collins and the victim throughout the night and continued on their way back from the concert. In the statement, Collins said the victim allegedly jumped out of the moving truck while it was still in Springfield. He said he stopped the truck, gained control of the victim and put her back in the truck. The victim told Collins she wanted to go home, but he kept the victim restrained by holding her head in his lap.

He stated at some point he ended up with the pistol in his hand, pointing it at her in an effort to keep her from jumping out of the truck again. According to the statement, the victim reached up and grabbed the gun, and the pistol discharged, striking her in the head.

Collins told police he stopped the vehicle as soon as the gun went off. He said he attempted to  locate his phone, but could not and was not able to get the victim’s phone to work when he tried to call for help, according to the statement. Collins drove to his house and yelled at his roommate to call 911 when he got home.

Collins said he changed his clothes, due to having Crones Disease. He came back outside, but couldn’t assist with any life saving measures due to being distraught. Medical staff and Greene County deputies observed the victim and watched her respond to questioning by moving her toes. The victim was asked to put up one finger if she had done this to herself or two fingers if Collins had done this. The victim immediately responded by putting up two fingers, according to the statement.  

A sentencing has been set for Feb. 17 at 1:30 p.m. in the Webster County Justice Center.

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