An Elkland woman was sentenced to seven years in the Department of Corrections with 120 days shock incarceration for burglary charges.

Ashley Caudill was charged with the Class B felony in regards to an incident that happened in March. On March 9, 2018, dispatch informed a deputy the reporting party stated someone had entered the house and assaulted the victim and they had a firearm. The reporting person stated it was a black male and that he left the scene in a white truck that possibly had three other people in it.

According to a probable cause statement, the deputy met with two individuals and the victim, who said he was asleep in his room when he woke up to a man with a gun pointed at him and another male that was approximately 6-foot-2, black or mixed race, wearing a mask and holding a tire iron.

The victim said the male asked if he was messing around with his girl, and the victim responded that he wasn’t. According to the statement, the male looked away for a minute, at which time the victim struck him in the face. During the fight, the victim pushed one of the males through the wall. He stated the gun he saw was a small black-and-gray automatic pistol.The victim stated the two got him to the ground and proceeded to hit him with the tire iron and their fists. He informed the deputy of this on March 8, 2018. The alleged perpetrator was later identified as Michael Wake.

One of the witnesses came forward and informed the deputy she heard the victim screaming and stating he needed a gun. Another witness said when she heard him screaming, she ran outside and saw a truck parked at the end of the driveway. She said in the statement she saw two males running to the truck, with a third unidentified person waiting in the driver’s seat. She then stated she heard two males running toward the truck, yelling, “Go, go.” They then got into the truck and went south down Missouri Highway W.

The victim’s injuries were photographed by the deputy, along with the damage to the house and the area the fight allegedly took place. During an interview with Caudill, she stated she and Wake had discussed going to his house to scare him and steal his dope.

According to the statement, Caudill said Wake did not know how to get into the victim's house, so he came and picked her up. She said another person was in the vehicle, but could not remember who he was. Caudill said they got to the house and she stayed in the truck, adding she knew they were going into the residence to commit a crime. Caudill planned and conspired with Wake about where the victim lived and what part of the house he stayed in, according to the statement.

Caudill was sentenced on Monday, Dec. 30, at the Webster County Courthouse.

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