A Elkland man is facing four counts against him for his involvement in sexual acts towards a victim.

Karlton Casey Kinnick was charged with statutory rape (a Class D felony) in the second degree, two counts of child molestation (a Class B felony) in the second degree and incest (a Class E felony).

According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, Deputy Shane Forrest responded to an agency assist request by a Children’s Division worker. He spoke with the worker, who informed him of allegations from a victim about having intercourse with Kinnick and being forced to do meth.

Forrest sat in on an interview with the victim and the worker. During the interview, the victim stated nothing happened at first and then mentioned incidents in which Kinnick would touch her inappropriately. On May 15, Forrest, along with two other officers, made contact with Kinnick. Kinnick was advised he was going to come to the Sheriff’s Office to speak with someone and be read his Miranda rights, which he understood.

Once at the Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Roye Cole and Forrest interviewed Kinnick. According to the statement, Kinnick denied at first anything happening between him and the victim. Kinnick spoke of letters he had written and that he stated were about the victim, noting they were pornographic in nature. He said in the statement he writes these type of letters when he first gets high.

Kinnick also said he had done things to the victim due to his meth addiction. He denied having intercourse at first with the victim, but then stated there were times he could have done things, but did not remember due to his meth addiction.

Kinnick's arraignment has been scheduled for Nov. 25 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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