After building a pool, there’s bound to be some mopping up, and that’s what the Marshfield Board of Aldermen worked on at its meeting Aug. 22.

One item that must be addressed is a faulty play structure in the children’s area of the pool. The structure has been problematic from the start.

According to Mark Baker, director of Parks & Recreation for the city, pieces of the play feature have broken and fallen off, including one piece that was 20 pounds.

"It’s very fortunate that no one was hurt when that came off,” he said. He added that some metal parts are visibly rusting out.

Mayor Robert Williams made it clear that the city wants the play structure to be replaced. “This went bad almost immediately; then they replaced it the third week of June, and we've been trying to get them to replace it since, and they haven't replaced it."

Paul Link, the city attorney, suggested that it would be helpful to seek the leverage of Sapp Design, the architectural firm that worked on the pool, in approaching Vortex, the company that provided the playset, and the mayor concurred. "We’re not going to have as good a position next spring as we have right now," he said.

The board would like for the playset to be replaced. Additionally, the mayor suggested that the extended warranty means nothing, and therefore the replacement should come with a lifetime warranty.

In other business, the board considered the costs of pool closure and weatherization. Three area companies are being looked at for possible closure activities, and the price and methods vary. This issue will be taken up at this week’s meeting of the board.

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