On Monday John and Vera Terry stopped in to visit Bertha Terry. They live in Des Moines, Iowa. Bertha did not make it to quilting on Monday. It might have been a rather slow day for the quilters at Immanuel on Monday, but Wednesday sure made up for it. Only four gals showed up to quilt on Monday morning and all they had for lunch was Leona Medlock’s bread and a green salad that Marjorie Welch brought. On Wednesday there were 18 people by the time the lunch call was given. We had two visitors: Cassandra Nelson and Carol Campbell. The meeting was so good that before she left, Cassandra Nelson became our newest member.

Bertha Terry read correspondence from Bonnie Shinsato. Bonnie sent a greeting card assortment for the club to use. Edna Shackley also sent a short note. Edna is 100 years old. There was a thank you note from TJ and Ashley Medlock and a note from the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield.

Since the last meeting the Helping Hand Quilters tacked out nine quilts and completed the quilting on three other quilts. Carol Campbell showed us a quilt she had been working on for about six years. It is quite intricate and she wants the club to complete it for her. There was a discussion on the quilts we have to work on, and Leona will be making a new list so we know what order they need to be done.

The door prize was won by Theresa Peirano. Barb Medlock and Theresa Peirano were the hostesses for the June meeting. Quilting is every Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rader. Take a sack lunch or something to share with others. The next business meeting will be July 17. Patsy Boyd will be hostess.

I received several calls from ladies who had attended the Baptist Women’s Widows Luncheon last week. This is an official thank you for those women who always work hard to make that lunch a success. They have a delicious potluck lunch, a show-and-tell time and some singing and always close with an inspirational message and prayer. From me and several women who called me, we say thank you!

If you are wanting a way to cool off on July 13, the Conway Catholic church is hosting their annual ice cream social from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Payson Fields is home recuperating from surgery.

Pastor Troyke will be the guest speaker at Immanuel next Sunday. His Sunday school message is “I Cannot Tell a Lie, but I Sure Can Exaggerate the Truth!” Sunday school starts at 9 a.m. if you want to check out that lesson. There will be a potluck after the service on Sunday, so come prepared. Let’s have a great turnout.

Birthdays this week: Braydon Studnicka, Shanna Pedersen, Jackie Stanley Kalyssa Roddewig, Lane Mackey, Gregg O’Connor, Matthew Strickland, Blythe Falkenrath, Carla Vaughn and Roy Rader, Jr. Happy anniversary to Lewis and Peggy Rader.

Nina Walke picked up Barb Medlock and they went to Eureka Methodist this morning. Dennis Mace provided special music. Vacation Bible school will be July 14-17 this year at Eureka.

That’s all the news! Have a happy and healthy week.

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