Saturday was the second community breakfast the Fordland 4-H Club organized, in partnership with the Webster County Farm Bureau, as part of the 4-H Feeding Missouri Initiative.

This is just one of the events the Fordland 4-H did to raise awareness about food insecurity in the state of Missouri.

"The Fordland Mighty Eagles 4-H Club came up with to do in support of 4-H Feeding Missouri, which is part of Drive to Feed Kids," said Emma Alexander, sponsor of the Fordland 4-H Mighty Eagles.

"Since it's in the early part of the year, this past week has been Thank a Farmer Week, so we asked for the farm bureau to partner with us."

The event, which took place at the Fordland Church of Christ, was a mirror replica of the community breakfast in Rogersville on Feb. 27 at Storytime Coffee in Rogersville.

"That was our first-ever community breakfast in Rogersville," said Alexander. "The kids partnered in conjunction with Greene County Farm Bureau. Breakfast was free at this event as well, but the kids took donations for Ozarks Food Harvest."

Elliana Garber, one of the members present at the breakfast on March 6, is on her fourth year of 4-H Club.

"What I like the most about 4-H is showing my goats," she said. "I've shown them twice before. I didn't get to show them last year due to COVID."

Lucas Alexander has been a member of 4-H for six years now. He said he enjoys 4-H for the community events and the projects they do, which changes from year to year.

"I helped set the goals earlier in the year," he said. "We raise it by a little bit every year. This year, our goal was $6,000, but last year it was about $5,000. We wanted $6,000 this year because we calculated that up to that for every Farm Bureau member in Missouri, which there is 130,000, each one would have to pay $0.50 in order to make the goal. We also learned from this that there was $0.24 if you buy food from the farmer's markets goes to the farmer. That's $0.24 of the dollar, rather than $0.04 of the dollar if you eat in town somewhere, so if you have $35 at $0.04 a farmer gets $8 of that."

In addition to the breakfasts, the club organized a Collect to Care drive for the Fordland Care to Learn and Seymour Care to Learn chapters. The event was orginally scheduled for Feb. 12 during the Fordland Homecoming game, according to Alexander.

"We were planning this ball game and Seymour was coming to town for homecoming," she said. "It would have been this big wonderful thing and the kids were going to do both, but then the weather hit, so it didn't occur on the original date and there was no homecoming. We got word, though, that Seymour was still coming to town, so they dropped off some cans. We raised $500 from that event."

During the month of February, the kids canvassed Rogersville businesses to host Green Cans during the month of February to take up collections for the Logan-Rogersville Care to Learn chapter. They also utilized the KROG Studio in Rogersville to host their own TV show, 4-H TV, on Feb. 21.

"We used them as a way to promote the club and all the things the kids are doing," said Alexander. "This year, they did a whole show on the KROG about food insecurity. We had an interview from Missouri Farmer's Care. There was a roundtable discussion with local food bank people, jeporady and news segments. It was just really cool."

For its third year now, the Missouri 4-H will partner with Feeding Missouri and the Missouri Farmers Care Drive to Feed Kids as part of the 4-H Feeding Missouri campaign Jan. 1 through April 30.

During the campaign, 4-H clubs will have an opportunity to participate in a friendly-competition to see which county can contribute the most food, cash donations and volunteer hours. The goal is to raise 500,000 meals.

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