Are you willing give God your full attention when you are in his house? We must clear our minds of daily activities and allow God’s words to flow through our soul.

Pastor Doug Brown presented us with this message of thought, plugging into scriptures, songs and preaching. We stand united in prayer for ones in the hospital and nursing homes. We share family love for the ones who have lost a family member. Our church invitation is one of love and understanding when crises hit our lives. The door is open; all you have to do is walk in and experience a feeling in your soul forever.

Pastor Winston’s theme came from Genesis 30:22-34. Jacob’s son Joseph is the focus on how one can have victory by placing God first. Joseph was raised in a dysfunctional family; however, they didn’t change his life. We should be as determined as Joseph allowing nothing to stand in the way of our relationship with our heavenly Father.

Winston added to remember the ones who made a godly mark upon our lives. We should teach positive influences for our children. Choose to be wise when it comes to sharing with others. Forgiveness is always God’s plan, whether or not we think it fits; we are not to judge. God can choose ones of unlikely minds, shaping them into spiritual leaders in divine glory.

Is the final breath of Jesus upon the cross alive in you? The time of salvation is now, don’t delay. God bless.

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