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Black Oak

By Norma Lampert

Pam was at the piano in Sunday school Sunday, and the responsive reading was “For Such a Time as This,” taken from Esther 3:1-4:17. Prayer was by Kourtney Everett.

The worship hour opened with “Happy Birthday” being sung to Amber King. Chris and Kristan Curtis were honored for their anniversary; congratulations to all. Everyone sang “Redeemed,” accompanied by Martha and Rick. The prayer list was read for school kids, teachers, the unsaved, Judy Letterman, the Arthur Rowland family, Alice Garton, Jim Vavruska, Angie Myers, shooting victims, Dean Hudspeth, Ralph Brawley, Marty Hogan, Bob Delcour, Joe Arthur, Eugene Underwood, Tim Lampert, Kenny Price, Kayla Strode, Brad Massie, Susan Vestal, Sharon Hill, Edwina Ragsdale and the others on our list; Herald Lee led in prayer for all these needs.

Announcements: Ladies auxiliary, Bible study and youth will meet today at 7 p.m., and movie night will be Friday, Aug 23, showing “Shallow Waters”; all are welcome.

We were delighted to have Bob Delcour back after a lengthy illness. Specials were by Bob and Jeremy, “On the Jericho Road,” with “The Old Rugged Cross” by Bobby Atkison. Brother Bill had a good message on baptism. One person united with the church and two were baptized — what a day! The services closed with all coming to the front to congratulate the three.

The evening service was uplifting with a few testimonies and prayers by Barbara Young and Pat Henderson. Specials were by Herald Lee, Tina, Jerry and Jeremy. The message was from Acts 8:26-40, “The Spirit Spoke and Philip Ran”; when God asks us to do something, how fast do we move? The services ended in altar prayer.

Jesus is the cure the world is looking for. 

Brentwood Church of Christ

By Matt Hodge

It was great to be with the Christian family at Brentwood Sunday.

Jesus spoke of family in his teaching. He reminded people to honor their parents. But he also warned of putting family before God. Matthew 10:37-38 says if we love our parents or children more than him, we are “not worthy” of him. If we put God first, we will treat our family as he commands, so they will not be mistreated. However, if we put our family before God, we want to believe and think the same as our parents and family to avoid arguments or for their memory’s sake.

In a parable (Luke 16:19-24), Jesus told about a man who went to torment and wished that someone would go back from the dead to tell his brothers to change their ways before it was too late for them. When he was told that they had God’s word, he insisted that if one went back from the dead, they would listen. But he was told that if they would not hear scripture, “neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.”

Are you so set in your traditions and beliefs that you would not change even if direct scripture was pointed out? We have to be diligently seeking God (Hebrews 11:6), even when it leads to an understanding different from what our family believes. Jesus’ parable shows that if they could come back from the dead, they would tell us to follow the truth at all costs!

Crossing Over

By Carol Dudley

Matthew 18:3: “And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

God is good! We are so blessed! This last week I got to see what loving your neighbor looks like. We all heard and saw the awful news reports about things going on around the world, and many of us were looking for someone or something to blame for those things. God tells us that things in this world will get much worse in the days leading up to Jesus’ return, so … Number 1, be ready. Jesus is going to return, and he will be taking those who are God’s children with him. Number 2, guns are not the problem. Guns have been around for a long time. People, through sin, have come up with some pretty twisted and evil ways of using them. Number 3, the answer is hate.  We get onto our kids for using four-letter words, but hate is one of the worst. The other words we tell them not to use shock us, but hate kills.

Why does Jesus tell us to become like little children? I think because some of the bad things in this world, like hate, are learned. My mother, God rest her soul, taught me a healthy and unhealthy fear of snakes. Now, not all snakes are bad, but I have lumped my fear of snakes into all snakes, and that fear turned to hate. I detest snakes — all snakes, the good, the bad, the pretty (if you can be a snake and be pretty) and the ugly. Did snakes ever do anything to me? No, but somewhere down my family lineage, probably in the great-great-greats, I guess, one did, all the way down to little me.

As parents, we have to teach our kiddos about the love that God has for us. Keep the hate out of our homes. Teach kids that even though we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, he loves us enough that he sent his one and only son to die and pay the price for our sins. God is good, and he loves us. 

Have an amazing, God-filled week, and as always, God bless.

Elkland Independent Methodist Church

By Joyce Inman

Sunday was a blessed morning to be in the house of the Lord. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Robert Taylor. Butch Alcorn gave the announcements, and Paige Jones and Reagan Inman served as the acolytes. Quentin Bridges opened the service in prayer. Bob Woodward taught the adult Sunday school class.

Jean Grisham played the piano with Earney Smith on the bass and Tommy Smith on the guitar. Pastor Nicholas Inman led the song service. Special music was provided by Betty Jo Cantrell. Ruthie Davis also played a special on the organ.

Butch thanked everyone who helped with Carolyn Valdez’s funeral service and dinner. Carolyn will be missed by so many. 

We were glad to see that Carolyn Moye and Ed and Deborah Bucy were back in church. We continue to pray for Clarence and Carol Larimore, Don Hartwell, Bill Stacey, Laurie Ford, Tammie Maples, Lane Dunn (son of Nicholas and Aubrey Dunn) and Perry White. 

Our morning ushers were Nick Logan, Butch Alcorn, Kevin Hill and Don Brown. Nick Logan prayed over the offering, and Quentin received it. 

Pastor Inman preached from Galatians 5:22 on joy as we continue to move through this sermon series on emotions.

Following the morning service, the Nanny’s Place board met in the church library to put together an afterschool program for the church.  

Freedom in Christ Ministry of Elkland

By Anita Keeling

Pastor Bob Holden’s Tuesday evening Bible study begins at 5 p.m. The current one is on the Gospel according to Mark.

LeTicia had a memory verse of Psalm 40:11, and there was also a discussion of the meaning of the word “church.”

I have a correction to make on last week’s new Thursday night Bible study. It is being conducted by John Tyler (not Steve and Patty, as I reported last week). I apologize to all. It begins at 6 p.m. each week.

Sunday’s 2 p.m. class is still studying in the Book of Acts, 6th chapter.

The 3 p.m. church service began with Pastor Bob singing “Long Black Train” as everyone greeted each other.

After opening prayer, the congregation recited the doxology and sang “I Must Tell Jesus” (copyright 1926), “Love Divine” and “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.”

Pastor Bob’s sermon, “Are You Overwhelmed? Be an Overcomer,” was based on 2 Timothy 1:7.

Sept. 1, we will have a bake sale at 4 p.m. to hep with Brayden’s spring break trip for 2020. You are welcome to contribute.

Holy Trinity

By Sue Epperson

Aug. 11 was the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Family reflection: Wisdom 18:6-9 — This reading is reflecting on the Israelites’ time in Egypt awaiting their salvation. Their mood consists of readiness, prayer and courage. Psalm 33 — Blessed are the people the Lord has chosen to be his own. Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19 — Hebrews evokes the faith of Sarah and Abraham and sees their faith as holding firm with confidence in Yahweh’s promises. Luke 12:32-48 — In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus preaches an attentive spirit is needed on the part of servants expecting their master’s return.

Jesus advises a spirit, which communicates itself in faithfulness to duty. 

Let us pray for one another.

Mission Chapel

By Autumn Summers

The Back-to-School Bash was a big hit! This was a fellowship event for those young and young at heart. Games, good fellowship, good food and a movie were all part of the evening. 

Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. this week, all Missions groups and adult Bible study will meet. Sunday School is at 9:45 a.m. and worship is at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Please be in prayer for our students and teachers as they go back to school.

Mission Home

By Brenda Brinkley

Sunday morning worship began after Ella, Gracie and Annie rang the bell. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Scott Chastain.

Amber McIntosh gave a report on our summer collection for the backpack program.

Pastor Scott Chastain delivered the morning message using 2 Chronicles 34:1-7. He talked about returning to the Lord. With our revival coming in September, he reminded us that revival starts with the church.

It was great to have C.H. and Betty Williams back in church. Our prayers continue to be with them.

Birthday wishes go out this week to John Anderson on Aug. 16. I also want to wish my brother, Jerry Vestal, a very happy birthday on Aug. 20.

The 13th annual Outdoor Sportsman Event will be Aug. 24 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hosted by the churches of the Webster County Baptist Association, this event has something for everyone. There will be free food, prizes and a guest speaker at noon. There will also be a kids’ area and bounce house. We hope to see you there.

It’s back to school, so keep all the kids, teachers and staff in your prayers. Starting a new school year was always fun. There was the excitement of new school supplies and clothes. There was the anticipation of change.

Today’s children are facing issues I never imagined. It is the school’s job to provide an education. It is our job to give them the support they need to face tough challenges.

Have a good week and pray for one another.

Mount Sinai

By Doris McFarland

Lots of excitement was in the air last Saturday when children of all ages gathered for a vacation Bible school day camp. They enjoyed inspiring lessons, crafts, music and a pizza party. Sandy Wright, ventriloquist, with Archie, presented a lesson on the Ten Commandments.

As services began Sunday morning, prayers were offered for Eugene and Lola Belle Underwood, Edwina Ragsdale, Michelle Yeager, Richard Cook, Angie Jones, Dale Prock, Lane Dunn, Herschel Young, Nancy McGehee, Brett Rost, Ryan Wester, school children and teachers as they go back to classes.

For worship services, specials were by the children singing songs they learned at VBS. Congratulations to John and Louise Lawless on their new great grandbaby. Pastor Davenport brought his message with the subject, “Does it really matter where you’re at with the Lord?”

Evening services opened with lots of good singing. The children sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and the Rost family sang “Blessed Assurance.” After testimonies, Pastor Davenport framed his message around the question, “Are you looking for God through a telescope or through a microscope?”

Thought for the week: Please pray for our students, teachers, parents and administrators as they go back to school.

Peace Lutheran Church

By Pastor Edwin Lehmann

In Sunday’s lesson Jesus told his friend, “Martha, Martha, you are double-minded and disturbed about many things! But one thing is necessary. Mary has elected the good part, which shall not be taken from her” (Luke 10:41-42).

As the Savior saw Martha in her worry and upset, so he sees us anxious about many things. Many times they are things he has given, even called, us to do. As his words to Martha convict our hearts regarding priorities, hear more than a rebuke. Hear also a gracious invitation: 

“Dear one, I see that you are anxious and bothered by many things. Yes, I have entrusted you with many things to be and do. I am delighted that you are eager and active in my work. But sin lies at your door and you will soon lose strength to serve me with joy if you forget that those things come second to the one thing needful — the promise of forgiveness and life through me. That is the gospel. So, friend, like Mary, sit with me awhile.”

Try this the next time you are frustrated with people and the things you have to do — when you are wont to complain. Stop! Sit awhile with God’s word. There you find forgiveness, life, and salvation. There you find faith, hope, love and a renewed spirit. Forget all other things. Sit awhile with Jesus who promises, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Pleasant Hill United Methodist

By Jeanie Replogle

We opened our services Sunday with “Fear is a Liar.” The responsive reading was the Apostles’ Creed, Ecumenical Version. The morning scripture was Luke 12:32-40. The morning message was “Be Ready When He Comes.”

Lilly & Eli Thurman took up the morning offering.  For special music, “Grace Like Rain” was sung. Happy anniversary to Tom and Connie Byrd. Bible study groups will meet on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Dinner will be potluck. Bring a favorite dish or dessert to share.

Please be  prayer for Tom Byrd, Fred Replogle, Pat Smikle, the family of Arthur Rowland, Brenda’s Nephew, Ralph Brawley, Larry Curran, Ryan Wester, Billy Stacey, Sarah Mahaffey, Ron McCall, Rita Zaerr, Don Goeden, Nancy McGehee, Tate Crowley, Josh Kincannon, Linda Lloyd, Shirley Merrill, Donna Mackey, Liz Palmer, Carlee Jones, Bill and Lena Stacey, Jeff Korkinmeyer, Stacy Frantz, Sondra Grey, Glory James, Jeff Ward, Judy Davidson, Lisa Keeler, Bill Beam, Kennedy Austin, Rob Brown, Robert Willis, Marlin Dennis, Debbie Genetti, Jimmy Stater, the leaders of our nation and the men and women of the military.  

Rogersville First Baptist

By Betty Lou Tutor

Do you get the feeling the evil things happening in today’s society are due because we are being distant from our creator? Are we slipping away from the commandants of God’s will? Then it’s time to go back rebuilding the temple of your body, placing our heavenly Father first.

Our hearts and mind know we can do nothing without the Lord; however, we tend to put him on a back burner. What if God did that to us, saying I’ll get to you later; we would be furious. No, God doesn’t always answer our prayers immediately; it’s called trusting, believing and patience.

God needs to be put first in our daily living, giving us strength to overcome life’s challenges. After all, none of us are perfect; only Jesus Christ was perfect. Jesus didn’t allow anything to stand between himself and the Father.

Pastor Winston’s message on “First Things First” discussed a man called Haggai. Starting from Chapter 1 we learn that the people were to build a temple, and they did. Like most, they wanted it built their way and not God’s. Others tried to help them, and they refused the advice, making decisions that could make the temple fall.

After some time, Haggai (through God) showed them the need to go back and rebuild. Winston added to stand your ground, be selfless and not full of excuses and take time to evaluate yourself and see where you stand before God and make it right.

God bless.    

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