Cynthia Black is no stranger to winning, be it in or out of a courtroom.

As a longtime Marshfield attorney and former Webster County prosecutor, two recent wins were collected by Black in The Marshfield Mail 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards. She was named Best Attorney — an award she also received last year — and Best Businessperson.

The latter award, which was previously split into categories for businessman and businesswoman, is something for which Black said she takes pride.

“I really appreciate that people see me as something other than an attorney,” she said of her Marshfield law practice, which was started in 1996. The office location has changed several times over the years, including time on Crittenden Street before opening on the square in 2006. Previously at 111 N. Clay St., the office moved a few doors down, at 103-B S. Clay St., last month — a change precipitated by the simple need for more space, Black said.

“I love the old building and the location was just really good,” she said. “But I just grew out of it.”

When taking another move into consideration, Black said staying on the square nearby the courthouse and future new jail/justice center was a goal. She added she’s hopeful this move — in the former First Home Bank location — will be the last one for the practice.

As someone who has worn lawyer hats as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Black said helping others is a common goal and one that has driven throughout her career.

“In the practice of law, basically you just want to set out every day to do the right thing,” she said. “What can I do to help these people? That’s the reason why I got a law license. I want to help people. It doesn’t matter what side I’m on. You just have to best figure out how best can I help this person.

 “When you’re with the prosecution, you have a duty to the place that you work. ... What can I do to help the public? What’s important to the public, whereas the defense is basically centered on what can I do to help this person,” she continued.

Black’s job occasionally takes her to other surrounding counties, such as Greene, Dallas, Douglas and Wright, but said around 70 percent of her workload is based in Webster. She said working in the county is a blessing, with so many good lawyers, judges and clerks around that make her job a bit easier. For her, being a good lawyer should mean representing your client aggressively and diligently.

“When people hire me, they know that I’m going to focus on what is in their best interest,” she said. “I’m going to advocate strongly for what is in their best interest.”

Stating her interest in being an attorney stretches back to childhood, Black considers herself fortunate to be able to pursue it for a career.

“I respect the law. I think following the law is important,” she said. “I’m kind of a follow the rules kind of person, and so the law is really the best area for me to be in, in that regard.”

To contact the law office, call 859-2546.

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