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Witness tampering adds charge in Rogersville child endangerment case


Paul Ray Walker, of Logan-Rogersville, is facing a Class D Felony for Endangering The Welfare Of A Child Creating Substantial Risk in the 1st Degree after an incident that occurred on Nov. 5, 2022. Walker is also charged with a Class D Felony for Tampering With a Witness In A Felony Prosecution in a related incident on Jan. 15, 2023.

The following information comes from the probable cause statement from an officer of the Logan-Rogersville Police Department. On Saturday evening of Nov. 5, 2022,  an officers responded to a call where a child was found unconscious from a drug overdose. The officer resuscitated the child and would later question them about where they got the drugs. After receiving information, an investigation started and would lead authorities to search Walker’s residence and bring him in for questioning, where he would admit to giving the child drugs.

Walker was out on bond until another incident occurred Sunday, Jan. 15. According to the information from the probable cause statement of an officer of the Logan-Rogersville Police Department, Walker was allegedly seen speaking to a witness of his case earlier in the day. Authorities were called shortly after and, based on evidence gathered, found Walker attempted to have the witness lie at his trial. Walker was charged with tampering and arrested shortly afterward.

Walker is currently in jail and appeared in court before Judge Justin Evans Tuesday, Feb. 7.  He will be back in court on Tuesday, Feb. 21 for a bond reduction hearing. 

Punishment for Class D Felony ranges from one to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections, a special one-year term in county jail, a fine up to 10,000, or a combination of fine or jail time.


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