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Students at Hubble cap the year with annual Field Day


Students at Hubble Elementary were thrilled to get outside to participate in Field Day at R.A. Barr Stadium. With Coach Athena Neptune and a slew of other teachers leading the event, kids had a wonderful day full of competition on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Six stations of activities were put up around the field including a station for spoon and egg carry, group parachute, and a tug of war/Gatorade station for rest. Each station was attended by individual classrooms ran by different members of Hubble Staff. Each class also participated in a 50-yard dash with the fastest boy and girl of each classroom being awarded a ribbon for their effort.

Students enjoy all the stations, but the parachute has remained a Field Day favorite for the better part of Coach Neptune’s 23 year tenure.

“They love the parachute,” Neptune said with a smile. “They have always loved that parachute.”

Standouts at Field Day were the classroom’s fastest boy and girl for the 50-yard dash.

Winners by class included:

Forbeck-Kaiden Johnson and Abigail Hile

Vaugh-Walker Glenn and Jessica Antonyuk

Creed-Gage Knight and Evelyn Silkey

Hayes-Kayson Bryant and Lillianne Tieden

Wade-Sarah Green and Judah Noorlun

Evans-Silas Lair and Madelyn White

Karnaghon-Korrine Lace and Atlee Mingle

Cramer-Makai Waugh and Chance Baker

Gray-Hudson Boyce and Quinn Templeton

Nelson-Liam Buttram and Emma Roundtree

Stilley- Emmett Loveland and Elizabeth Mackey

Gazette-Pearl Davis and Samuel Gossage

Cowden-Boone Rich and Paisley Davisson

Crawford-Alaina Dinwiddie and Landyn Dudley

Detherow-Bentley Ahrens and Zoey Young

Gastineau-Callie Eilenstein and McCoy Bryant

Lexa-Emmett Forbes and Ryleigh Dupree

Cantrell-Charlotte Cummings and Gabriel Burris

Self-Ezekiel Parmenter and Brynn Alexander

Yeager-Brinley Sturdefant and Logan Chapman

Lee-Malan Waugh and Carter Crosby

Venable-Corbin Jefferies and Raegan Ruble

Buttram-James McCown and Paisley Galbraith

Students will also miss Coach Neptune’s familiar face heading Field Day for Hubble Elementary. After 23 Field Days, Coach Neptune is passing the torch and entering retirement.

In speaking of her time leading the Field Day activities, Coach Neptune chuckled as she relayed a story of when she dressed as the Greek goddess Athena, a play on her name.

“I had the long flowing robe, my hair was curly and I had this wreath around my head,” Coach Neptune laughed. “The kids go, ‘Coach Neptune, are you Jesus?’”


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