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Seymour Mayor charged

Alicia Hagen faces felony from December assault


Alicia Hagen, newly re-elected Mayor of the City of Seymour, has been charged with second-degree domestic assault, a Class D felony in the state of Missouri. The charges came two days following her re-election on April 4, but stem from a family dispute that turned physical in December of last year.

According to Casenet, police were called by a Cox South nurse who reported an assault that occurred in Seymour. The nurse who reported the assault told authorities the victim came into the Emergency Room with a black eye and claimed to be assaulted. A Webster County Deputy’s probable cause statement says he spoke with the victim at Cox South Hospital.

The victim told police that she was at her mother’s house, located in Seymour when Alicia showed up and the two got into a verbal argument with each other. The report says Hagen “said something Alicia did not like so, Alicia punched her in the back of the head and in the face.” It claims the victim was in her mother’s room and was turned around when she heard Alicia coming towards her. This is when she was allegedly hit in the back of the head and punched in the face, which caused her to fall into her mother’s oxygen tank and fractured her ribs. The report says Hagen continued to hit her while she was on the ground and told her if she reported the incident, nothing would happen. Alicia then allegedly told her brother, who witnessed the dispute, that if anyone reported it that she would claim the victim pushed her while she had a baby in her hands. When deputies received the call, dispatch said the victim “said Alicia is the mayor of Seymour and she told the victim she would “stir up trouble,” if the victim reported the assault.

Police observed the victim’s injuries and then contacted the witness, who said the argument began over the victim asking their mother for $100. The witness said the argument went on for a long time and continued to escalate while he tried to keep the kids distracted when the victim “said something very personal about Alicia… Alicia ran into the other room and he heard a loud noise.” He claimed he then went into the room and saw Alicia on top of the victim.

When the Deputy contacted Hagen at her residence in Seymour, no one answered and a note was left to call dispatch. He later received a message from the defendant and called her. She told police that around 10:30 a.m., she got a phone call from her mother who told her the victim was asking for money. She explained that the victim is a drug addict and repeatedly asks their mother for money.

“She went to her mother’s house and told the victim she was not getting money… when she told the victim no, the victim became mad and started yelling and screaming.” Hagen said during the argument she was shoved four times by the victim, once “with her whole body while she had a baby in her arms.” Hagen also explained that the victim threw a glass of water towards her causing it to break and almost hit her and her mother and by that point she was in fear for her safety.

The report also reads that Hagen told police the victim “shoved her into a dresser” which is when she punched the victim in the face and at this point the victim grabbed their mother’s face and screamed that she was not coming back. The Deputy asked Hagen if she ever hit the victim in the back of the head and she said she did not, she only hit her “once in the face on her right eye.”

The report states authorities reached back out to the witness who claimed he did not see Hagen shoved, or the victim grab their mother’s head and scream. The Deputy then spoke with the mother, who said Hagen hit the victim with her fist in the face, but she did not see the victim ever push Hagen. The mother was also asked if the victim ever grabbed Hagen, and she said no.

The range of punishment for a Class D felony is imprisonment in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections for a term not to exceed seven years.

Court dockets show the felony complaint, probable cause statement and both Judges Justin Evans and Chuck Repologle recuse themself. Judicical transfer requests were filed. The charges are out of Webster County, but a special prosecuting attorney from Christian County will be the prosecutor on file for the case.

There were no warrants or summons on Casenet at the time of publication. Messages left with the prosecuting attorneys office have not bene returned. 


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