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Setting Up for the future of Marshfield: Aldermen Meeting Recap


On Nov. 17, the Marshfield Board of Aldermen gathered at City Hall. With Nov. nearing to an end the holiday season setting in, the board went to work.

The first item on the docket was a presentation from Aishwarya Shrestha, Associate Planner for the Southwest Missouri Council of Governments. They went over the steps taken up to execute Marshfield's Transportation Plan. This plan would serve as a guide as to what roads and sidewalks should take priority. After presenting, the board approved the plan giving them a roadmap for future improvements to Marshfield.

The next item looked over which company the city would contract to mow. With only one company bidding, the board approved a three-year contract with Dunn Mowing.

Turning back to city improvements, the board looked over buying five smart fire hydrants or I-Hydrants. The hydrants would have the technology to help with diagnostics, thus making the water department's job easier. The board approved the purchase and may buy more in the future, depending on how matters pour out.

Buzzing back on the agenda was beekeeping. The board compared its ordinance with a neighboring city to see how beekeeping is handled. There was much discussion about how much land should be required, "what ifs", and "what shoulds". Ultimately, the board will discuss the matter more in the new year.

More contracts were the next item of discussion. The first was the contract terms between the City of Marshfield and GRO Marshfield. After looking over the terms, the board approved the contract.

The other was to extend the contract of Sam Rost as City Administrator. After some light-hearted jokes, the board approved keeping Sam Rost as the City of Marshfield's City Administrator.

The board shifted its focus toward the future. First, the Parks department discussed its plans for Patriot Park and an activity complex. News of these projects promises much growth and excitement to the community.

The Planning and Zoning board was next on their items. A particular item was to re-plot or change up a lot of land, making it the future site of three single-family houses. The other was Bill No. 2022-43, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 400 General Provisions of the Municipal Code of the City of Marshfield, and by revising section 400.070, Conformity required to the municipal code of the city of Marshfield. The update is to help future developers looking to set up in Marshfield not go through too many unnecessary roadblocks.

The next was a discussion on a no-truck ordinance in North Marshall. Since the interchange on mile marker 103, many citizens have seen an increase in semi-trucks going down the area. The trucks are an issue as the road on North Marshall can not handle that kind of traffic. The plan will be to have the trucks be re-routed through Route CC and North Elm as those roads can take on the heavy traffic, Look for this item to be back on the agenda soon.

The final item on the agenda was numbers… lots of numbers as the board looked over the planned budgets for various departments for 2023. Highlighting each department, they kicked off with the Marshfield's cemetery; it includes plans to hire a company for ground penetration lasers to see if there are unmarked graves. Next, transportation includes giving Julian Street a much-needed update. Finally, the parks department announced that it is now self-sufficient, no longer requiring funds from the city, and has plans to address with the status of the tennis courts.

The city administration then made a priority list of all items discussed. After the Aldermen looked over the list, there was a discussion about the General Funds budget with plans to remodel the City Hall and Police Department. The General Funds account is the source of funding for many departments and projects. The Aldermen ended the meeting and plan to meet in Dec 8. at 6:30 pm at 798 S. Marshall St., Marshfield, MO.


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