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Rogers Ramblings: Mary Lou on trial


I am so very glad to be back for more ramblings. This week we are going to ramble about our dear Mary Lou and her struggle to maintain her faith to keep going under very trying conditions.

Just in case you are new we’ll rope in the past articles very briefly and review. Since the first of January our weekly ramble has been an ongoing story of a young couple growing up and eventually getting married. Their names are Johnny and Mary Lou. Each of them have faced overwhelming problems and trials. Our young man joins the Union army and last week he gets shot on the battlefield at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and left for dead. Meanwhile our Mary Lou is on her own battlefield living with her full of hate Papa for her Union soldier husband. Now we are ready to once again fly back into the past and overlook what our dear sweet Mary Lou is going through. OK here we are! Hey look! Mary Lou is scrubbing clothes on a washboard as she prays. Let’s listen! “Oh Lord-Oh Lord-I want to see Johnny come home. I’m tired of being alone. Oh Lord-Oh Lord, would you give me faith anew? I’m going to remain true! Oh Lord–Oh Lord it’s been a long time. I’m going to keep you in my heart, my dear love. Oh Lord-Oh Lord.

How much longer until you’re here? I’m waiting to have you near! Oh Lord Oh Lo—” (Her dad hears her praying-he is very upset!) “Shut that nonsense praying right now! You are not prayin for that dead yank in my presence!” (Mary Lou, very emotional,) “How do you know he's dead?” Ollie her dad, “It’s been over five years since he left and you ain’t received a single telegram or letter from him that’s why! Besides, the war has been over for a year now.” Piney, (Mary Lou’s mom comes out of the house upon hearing her husband yelling at Mary Lou) “Your pa is right Mary Lou. Johnny may never come back. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died.” (Ollie looks at Mary Lou as she slumbers over crying in her hands.) Ollie, Mary Lou’s Papa, “Mary Lou

you have got to face reality. Lot’s of young men around here have never come back. The Yankee war department has sent hundreds of death telegrams naming other young men of our community. In addition: many fallen were identifiable on the battlefield.” Mary Lou looks up with tears gently rolling down her rosy cheeks, “I know he’s coming back! I just know it! Nothing you can do or say can change my mind.” Ollie tries to reach out to Mary Lou, “I’ve got some good news for you. I saw Homer Kalor in Sand Springs last week and he was asking about you. He wants to take you on a buggy ride.” Mary Lou, “No Papa! No! Johnny’s coming back!” (Mary Lou runs off crying. Deeply hurt.) Stop! Stop! Rambling Roger. We must stop! Last week we left our Johnny shot and dying on the battlefield and this week our Mary Lou is at the end of her emotional will to continue her faith in Johnny coming home. Next week we continue this rambling. Do not miss!


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