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Rogers Ramblings


Hi to all my friends and neighbors of the Marshfield Mail. Here it is already week nine and I thought this series would be over in four weeks about Otto and Zelda, our two Jewish Holocaust survivors of World War Two. However, as fate had it Hamas the terrorist organization of the Gaza Strip attacked Israel and history is repeating itself all over again. I have been greatly troubled this week about what is going on in the world with the protest against Israel. Tens of thousands have hit the streets the world over offering support to Hamas. Their chant has been,

From the River to the Sea. Even certain members of our own U.S. government have expressed strong support for the terrorists. I have talked to several people and many folks do not understand any history of Israel. If you believe in the Bible the Jewish nation was ordained by God almighty and Jesus was sent to the earth to live and die on the cross for the remission of sins for those who accept him as their Savior. At one time Israel was a strong nation however: due to sin it was conquered and dissolved for centuries. However: Bible prophecy proclaimed Israel in the end days would be a nation again. The prophecy came true and sure enough Israel became a nation. U.N. Resolution 181 1948 May 14 at 2.00 P. M. Israel once again rose from the dust of the earth and became an official nation ordained by the United Nations. As we know today Israel by design is surrounded by Muslim nations and they hate the Jews and the next day after becoming a nation they all went together and attacked Israel. Israel has been under constant attack ever since. The next major war for Israel was in 1967- it was called the 6 day war. Israel was attacked by Egypt, Syria and Jordan and supported by other Muslim countries

as well. Long story short, greatly outnumbered - Israel conquered the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan and the Sinai from Egypt. After the war Israel offered to give back the conquered land to the Muslims in exchange for peace and recognition. The Muslim countries had a council and their unified response was no recognition, no peace, and no negotiations with the state of Israel. When the term from the River to the Sea is chanted it

means from the Jordan River which is Israel’s border to the Mediterranean sea. Nothing has changed today about hatred towards Jews around the world and even in our own country. The next major war was the Yom Kippur War on October 6, 1973 it was fought between Israel and a coalition of many powerful Muslim nations. Once again, Israel was greatly outnumbered-however Israel with the Lord’s help prevailed as the winner. Today- 50 years later now we have Hamas attacking Israel last October and Israel is still having to fight for their existence. Just like the other wars they are today being attacked on three fronts. Are miracles of God happening right now? Oh yes!!! We just don’t have space to write about them. Remember Bible believers, Israel will prevail! Read Ezekiel 37 and 38 for the end of time wars with Israel and her enemies.

O K now let’s change gears and get back to our Holocaust survivors. I have heard the accounts of many victims of death camps and American soldiers who helped liberate concentration camps. One thing that amazes me in history is the general population of the German people never claimed to know anything about what Hitler and his final solution was doing to the Jews.

The ones who did not conform to Hitler’s beliefs were killed. Hitler rounded up 10,000 Christians and 900 Catholic Priests that dared to speak out and they lost their lives. Many of the German people went to church but the preachers who remained would never talk about the policies of Hitler. Some of the churches were on the tracks and on Sunday mornings when the trains went by loaded with moaning and dying Jews headed for the death camps the preacher’s told their congregations to sing a little louder. In America today most churches refuse to bring up anything that goes on with evil laws and bad policy our government supports. Most preachers I have listened to say nothing. I have, however, attended a few churches where the pastor had a strong personality to inform his flock of bad immoral government policies. 

Editors note: This column has been split due to space. Read the remaining ramblings next week.


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