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Roger’s Ramblings

Roger's Ramblings


Hi everyone, welcome back again for a new week of adventures. This week we continue on with our civil war love story. Our young couple grew up together and were married when the war started. Our Johnny joins the union army and gets shot in Tennessee and left for dead and our Mary Lou is forced to stay at her parents home during the war years in which her father is a strong confederate supporter. (fast forward) Years have passed and still no Johnny coming home. By now she has become the general manager of the general mercantile store owned by Mr. Kissee and also the owner of most of Sand Springs. Mr. Kissee has received through his connections that the railroad is being built through Webster County and to finish at Springfield, Mo. We left last week with a celebration and hoedown being hosted for the railroad executive, that is scheduled to speak at six o'clock in the evening and then afterwards the music begins with a hoedown barn dance. The day goes well with the contest, music, games, and food. Mary Lou is constantly checking everyone and all is well until she talks to Mr. Kissee about the arrival of the St Louis-San Francisco executive. Mary Lou, "Mr. Kissee- it's 5:30, and still no arrival are you sure he is coming?" Mr. Kissee, "Don't you worry. I have this under control. You take care of everything else." Mary Lou, "O K Mr. Kissee, I am just worried. Look! Everyone is coming into the barn and sitting down, waiting for our railroad speaker."

Mr. Kissee, "Mary Lou, I need you to go around telling everyone else to come in for his arrival. Go to the end of the street and make sure everyone knows it's time." Mary Lou (shrugs her shoulders) "Yes sir, Mr. Kissee." Mary Lou walks away and five minutes later an elaborate coach being pulled by 4 perfectly matched horses rolls in. Instantly, Mr. Kissee quickly walks over to the coach and opens the door and a gentleman in a top hat and three piece suit gets out and is quickly escorted and surrounded by his chauffeurs and taken to the stage with Mr. Kissee.

Everyone realizes this is the long awaited Corporate Executive Officer of the railroad company. At this time everyone is standing up and clapping. Meanwhile Mary Lou is bringing the last of the guests and shows them where to have a bench.

Mr. Kissee, "Before I introduce our distinguished gentleman this evening I want everyone to be sitting and very quiet. The gentleman I am going to introduce will surprise many. Yes, the identity of this gentleman has been top secret for a month. You all will know why very soon. Through private personal couriers I have been in contact with the St Louis-San Francisco railroad company for over a year and we are certain that tracks being constructed though Southwest Missouri will be both beneficial and profitable for everyone. At this time we need to recognize our own Mary Lou, who has worked so very hard to make this entire day so much fun."

Mary Lou walks very humbly looking down at the floor and everyone claps for her as she walks

onto the stage opposite the railroad executive surrounded by his chauffeurs. Mr. Kissee, "I want to thank you Mary Lou in front of everyone to make sure everyone knows why this day has been so well organized and fun!" (everyone claps and Mary Lou looks at the floor very humbly) O K Ladies and gentlemen for our long awaited Corporate Executive Officer in charge of building, construction, hiring and overseeing the entire project of rail construction. Come on over.

The executive comes over and for the first time looks up for everyone to see him for the first time. Suddenly Mary Lou looks at him and realizes who this is, "JOHNNY IT'S YOU!!!!" Johnny looks at Mary Lou and they both freeze, not knowing what to do! However: as quick as a cat catching a mouse Mary Lou's father (Ollie) instantly recognizes it's Mary Lou's long lost Yankee husband.

Out of pure hatred he runs towards the stage. Ollie shouts, "Why did you come back Yankee?" Ollie tries to punch out Johnny but his chauffeurs stop him and hold him back. Loyal readers, friends and neighbors we must stop at this time. Never enough space. Next week do not miss!

We will disclose secrets of the past that you simply cannot imagine. We can see the finish line next week.


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