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Roger's Ramblings


Hi again to all my rambling reading friends and neighbors. This week we are getting close to the end of our civil war love story that has been ongoing since January first. Quick review: our story is about two young people that grew up in our county during the turbulent times of pre civil war years. Our couple of Johnny and Mary Lou eventually got married and the civil war began.

Shortly after getting hitched our Johnny went off to war for the North and our Mary Lou had to live at home with her hard core confederate father who went out of his way to make life miserable for his daughter who married a “Yankee.” Now, fast forward several years, the war is over. We learned last week our Mary Lou is the clerk of the local mercantile store. Also: a public telegram came through the telegraph wires that a railroad executive is coming through to help explain where and when track construction will begin to Springfield, Mo. Mary Lou has been appointed by Mr Kissee {the owner of most of Sand Springs} to be the event planner for the big celebration and barn dance. Everyone is happy and excited! Musicians, food for all, fun and games for all the children and in the evening a

speech and a meet and greet for everyone to get to know the railroad boss. Our Sand Springs has never had such a grand happy event in all of its history.

The last week of planning has finally arrived. Meanwhile: our railroad executive in charge of southwest Missouri operations is taking the passenger train out of St Louis as far as Rolla and then via stagecoach down the wire road stopping at Lebanon for the nite and then up the next day from Lebanon to Sand Springs.{ Now, let’s take a peek back at our Mary Lou.} Mary Lou is saddling her horse and getting started for another day’s work, her father comes out and says, “Mary Lou, you need to forget about that yankee husband you haven’t seen for years! He’s dead and even if he were alive he wouldn’t come back for you! Tooty Stillings came by yesterday and said he is coming to the Hoedown just for you and he wants you to dance with him for the evening. I think you should! Why don’t you give up? He didn’t write you any letters or send any telegrams. If he had wanted you he would have done one or the other! Mary Lou, (very emotionally) “I just can’t! Why do you keep doing this to me?” Mary Lou begins crying, mounts her horse and goes to Sand Springs to begin another day's work. She goes into Mr Kissee’s mercantile and is greeted warmly. “Mary Lou, I need to talk to you. You have always exceeded my expectations for everything you have ever done. As a clerk and now as planner for tomorrow’s nite’s big celebration. If you like I will give you tomorrow evening off in order to enjoy yourself. Mary Lou. “Thank you Mr Kissee (looks down at floor very sad) I can’t. I consider myself a married lady and refuse to have anything to do with other men. I just know I will see my Johnny someday. I am going to remain true to him only!” Mr. Kissee, “O K Mary Lou if you feel so strongly I will respect your wishes.” O K, my rambling readers this is it for this week! Next week is big! Do not miss next week’s exciting, drama-filled, adventure packed, events at the HoeDown! Tell your friends and neighbors to get a paper and read for themselves!


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