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Roger's Ramblings


Hey everyone, it's valentine's week! You are supposed to buy a box of chocolate for your sweetheart this week! To my new friends that told me they were reading the ramblings for the first time: let's quickly review. Since the first of the year, we have had a courtship going on between Mary Lou and Johnny. However: this story has had more turns and switchbacks than a goat trail in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.

The parents of our young lady are southerners, and her papa is a rebel! Our young man Johnny is the son of a Union Army captain. Last week we had a wedding, and yes, our beautiful couple was married, but the timing could not have been worse. The wedding takes place at Sand Springs Fort, and at the end-Ollie {Mary Lou's papa) appears, shooting his shotgun into the air just as they were going to begin their wedding dance.

Ollie yelled out war has begun! (He learned through the telegraph that Abraham Lincoln had declared war on his southern states.}

Now, let's fast forward three months. (This scene begins with Mary Lou on the front porch - she is so sad!} Johnny is saddling his horse; he is in full union uniform and waiting for the other recruits to ride by and leave for war. Johnny finishes and goes over to Mary Lou. Johnny says. "Mary Lou, I wrote a poem for you last night." He begins reading: "We have lived and worked together. We're in love with each other. Many people are

taking cover. Soldiers are dying and going under. Will our future last much longer? Only the Lord can give us an answer. I'd love to be with you forever now. Our time together for now will soon be over. The soldiers will come and I'll go yonder. Someday I'll be back and we'll be together forever." {Johnny–with tears) "Mary Lou: it's my duty to fight for what I believe in. Don't worry! I will be back."

Mary Lou says, "I want to believe you, but your mama was killed by

bushwhackers seeking revenge on your papa just last month. How can you be so sure?" With tears streaming, Johnny answers, "Yes, I will! Pray for me every day for the Lord's protection! I will write every week. Send your letters to the St Louis Arsenal Benton Barracks. They will know what unit I get assigned to." Mary Lou {hugs Johnny} "life will not be worth living without you. I have to go back to living with my parents, and my papa is mean because I married you."

Johnny holds his head, "When your papa found out that I was leaving for St Louis, he took the Oath of Allegiance, never to bear arms against the Union or fly his Rebel flag anymore. If he breaks his oath, he will be hung!" Mary Lou (sobbing) "I just don't know what to think anymore. This is all so heartbreaking to me! Please stay with me!" Johnny replies, "Here now, we don't have much time." (Johnny looks into Mary Lou's eyes} Let's sing our song together that we wrote when we were courting. Johnny starts their song, O K, "Oh Dearly Dew–Oh Mary Lou: I love you! I just sing this song to you! To tell you now that I love you! Forevermore." Mary Lou begins singing: "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny–Do you know what you are saying to me? Forever -forever- is a long, long time. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, let us sing Forevermore!"

Together they sing: "Forever is a long time to be together. Our love is so true! Forever, forever is a long, long time you see. Our love can't split even in a terrible war. We sing this song in our hearts forever more." Mary Lou turns sideways with tears trickling down her soft rosy cheeks, "Johnny, Listen! I hear horses." Johnny replies "It's my Commander coming for me to ride off to war. I love you, Mary Lou! I will be back!" Mary Lou is sobbing and gives Johnny one last hug and kiss. The military Commander yells at Johnny, "Mount up, Johnny!" Johnny quickly mounts his horse with tears in his eyes and waves back to Mary Lou as he gallops away, "I love you, Mary Lou! I will be back!" Got to stop here as always when we are just getting started. Next week gets downright sad. The title for next week is A Father's Hatred! This rambling gets very bumpy next week.


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