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Regrouping time


In the wake of the recent bank failures, it’s easy to get sucked into the fear. Uncertainty will always be a thing. It will always be there, present, whether we like it or not. I heard a Paul Harvey quote recently, “In times like these, it’s good to remember that there have always been times like these.” Stuff has been going down for millennia. Peaceful times may ensue for a few years at a time, but change will always be right around the corner, whether globally, nationally, or personally, or any combination thereof.

What we can take solace in? Our own peaceful relationship to a higher power above us, who is watching, patiently waiting for us to acknowledge his careful handling of each and every atom of life. “Times like these” bring to the forefront our own lack of stability. Our own shaky foundations. It penetrates through any fronts we may be able to uphold during easier days and breaks through to the deepest level of vulnerability. Our foundation has to be stronger, so the uncertainty doesn’t break us down, but rather, our firmness can be an example to others.

Just because the fear mongers who take the shape and form as “helpful news informants” make a profit (by means of their advertisers) by scaring us all half to death, doesn’t mean it’s in our best interests to keep listening to them. They are locked into a system in which they need to frighten others’ emotions in order to make a living. You, however, are not, and are free to withdraw from the (could be) addiction at any moment. No, it’s not “sticking your head in the sand,” as we can all still keep up with current events. It just simply means processing them in a healthier way. Preparation and long term thinking are always an asset, but focusing on them to the exclusion of any other life activities is, on the other hand, not wise.

Thousands of years ago, the warrior tribes and shifting geo-political powers at play were marauding each others’ villages, ruthlessly killing each other and methodically ruining any previously built structures. This was just the run of the mill, ordinary life and times. So, we, humanity, have come a long way. We have progressed, morally, just as we have technologically. Don’t let others convince you otherwise- take your power back and decide for yourself. We will be alright, and we will survive. Perhaps we can use this period of time as an opportunity to show us how to work on the core, basic, trusting part of ourselves that needs to be our shield from an overly fearful, and therefore uncomfortable and unhappy, lifestyle. Here’s to that amazing journey!


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