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Nail biting district game


Last Friday, the Big 8 Conference district tournament for high school football began. The Marshfield Bluejays were pitted against the McDonald County Mustangs. Both teams had lots of hope and expectations riding on the game, including a chance at redemption for the Bluejays as they lost to the Mustangs earlier in the season. So with all the pleasantries out of the way, the game was on.

The first quarter would see the Mustangs tripping over their hooves, with their offense making mistakes and the 'stang quarterback sacked twice courtesy of #80 Kyler Menzies and #11 Bryant Bull. On the Jays' offense, #11 Bull would make a 55-yard punt after the Mustang defense would hold them. The Jays would return the favor and prevent the Mustangs from progressing. The quarter would end 0-0.

During the second quarter, both teams would attempt to move the ball downfield. #11 Bull would make an 11 yard pass to #3 Marcus Gritts but neither side would get close to the endzone. As a result, the game would go into halftime with both teams in a deadlock of 0-0.

The third quarter, McDonald County gained some ground early, only to be halted by the Jays' defense. On the Mustangs' 3rd and 10, BlueJay #10 Andrew Beckner would fly in and sack the 'stang quarterback. The Jays' offense would continue to push, slowing gaining yards. Then, #11 Bull would pull off a spectacular play. Beginning with a fake handoff, Bull would then leap, and dodge through the Mustang defense, make an incredible 69-yard run, and score a touchdown … at least, that was supposed to happen. But, according to the referees, there was a false start which voided the touchdown altogether. The Jays would be forced to punt and end the third quarter again tied 0-0.

The fourth quarter would be a rollercoaster for the Jays.

#4 Travis Greenfield intercepted McDonald County's pass and started the Jays at their 20-yard line. The Jays moved their way downfield with #11 Bull passing to #86 Tyler Young for 24-yards. Next, the Jays would hand off to #21 Dayvion Harris to bust through the Mustang defense, making a 23-yard drive. With the end-zone in sight, #11 Bull completed a 12-yard touchdown pass to #14 Joe Harles, who scored the official first touchdown for Marshfield. Unfortunately, the Jays would not earn the extra point. With minutes left on the clock, the Bluejays would do everything they could to stop the Mustangs. At 32 seconds, McDonald County would make an incredible 45-yard touchdown pass and complete the extra point winning the game with a final score of 7-6.

The Jays fought hard this season, and though they did not get to advance further into Districts, it was still one heck of a ride. The Jays ended the season with an overall record of 5-5. Game stats for Marshfield: 163 total yards, 75 passing yards, 88 rushing yards, and 1-9 on third downs.

We at the Marshfield Mail are excited to see what next season will bring. Until then, see you on the field next year!


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