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How did I get here?


It's great to see you again! Welcome back to another chapter of how I got here.

Last week ended with me leaving one call center for another. I immediately found out this call center had what I was looking for from a company.

The music was booming, the colors were bright, and the staff seemed to care about their employees. Wow, was this too good to be true? And for a time, yes, it was too good. But I was just happy. Things were starting to look better for me. I met a lot of people and formed strong bonds with them. Sure, I was taking calls, but I could have some fun while I was working. This pattern would go on for a few years, and I would transfer to different teams within the company during that time. Then I was transferred to a team that was offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

You see, we were part of an experimental expansion project with a lot of downtime. Downtime meant time between calls, and some team members took this opportunity to kick back and slack off. But not all of us settled into this new dynamic. Some of us knew this would not last forever. So instead, we started looking for opportunities to grow, myself included.

I wanted to better myself, and I did in a few ways. For my physical health, I started exercising and light workouts. Before long, I was losing weight and getting new clothes. My spiritual health would come from a wonderful person, one of my best friends, who was working to become a preacher. We spent hours discussing faith, books, movies, shows, and Power Rangers. These conversations and reflections made me realize what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to become a writer, and so I did.

Every day I would write pages of stories I wanted to tell and ideas to fuel even more. This new motivation gave me the confidence to try and move up in the company. With my coworkers' and boss' help and a little determination, I got promoted to the training department as a trainer assistant. I was so happy, but a spiky ball called Covid came crashing into the world.

We will continue with my journey next week.


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