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How did I get here?


Welcome back! Another week has passed, and now another chapter of how I got here.

Last week I mentioned this was the start of my lost chapters. An extended period where I was honestly aimless.

I started working for a call center. It was okay. Some of the coworkers I met during this time are still long-standing friends. The bosses, though, I learned very quickly that I was just a seat to fill. I would come home every night, sit on the couch, and play video games until it was time to sleep. I would repeat this process for several years. Each passing day was wearing down my soul.

There were some excellent peaks during this time. I moved out of my parent’s home; I rediscovered a love of comics thanks to my brother and a Youtube channel called Comicstorian.

The highest peak was when I got married to my long-term girlfriend. It was lovely with nerdy music, friends and family gathered, and a honeymoon where I got into an airplane for the first time. These were great. I just still felt lost.

I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. It probably didn’t help that I was not caring for myself physically or spiritually. So, to break the cycle, I decided to try and move up in the call center. Unfortunately, it was the same one that already established it did not care about me … that was a complete waste of time. Every time I would express interest in moving up in the company, I was met with excuses. One that will stay with me is when I was transferred to a different part of the call center. I was meeting with my new boss, who had their back turned the entire time. It was going well until I mentioned my interest in moving up. They slowly turned around in their chair with a look showing zero interest, shrugged their shoulders, and said to me, “...And?”. I knew I had to get out of that place.

As it turned out, another coworker mentioned another call center that had potential. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I applied and got a position at the other call center.

Next week we are still in the lost chapters, but we are getting close to the end. See you all next week.


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