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Growing forward


Spring is a time for growth… Growth for the fields, for the Marshfield Mail and for me personally. My life’s greatest joy for the past few years has been this paper, so I would like our readers to hear this from me rather than through the grapevine. 

I’m proud to announce that I’ve accepted a new position as Managing Editor of the Laclede County Record and will be wrapping up my time with the Marshfield Mail within the next month. I’m so proud of my career here and I’m proud of how I’m leaving. 

The experience of being Editor of my hometown newspaper has been special to my heart since the first day I walked into the Mail office. If you know me, you know this decision wasn’t an easy one to make but the opportunity is too great for me to pass up. I will miss my coworkers, my hometown and my community dearly.

I would say the thing I’m most proud of is the people I’m leaving the newspaper in the hands of; Webster County locals who care as much about the people in this community as I do. 

I would fight tooth and nail to argue that Alyssa Andrews is one of the sweetest journalistic secrets of southwest Missouri. She is one of my best friends, fiercest cheerleaders and most reliable colleagues. Our publication is so lucky to have her and I know she’ll continue to grow and thrive here. I can’t wait to see how her career flourishes. 

Amber Brand is new to the Mail equation but continues to grow and find her voice in print news. If there’s one thing I’ve seen in her character repeatedly, it’s that the woman does not break. She never fears failure or uncomfortability and takes on more than your average boy mom and business owner. As long as I have the opportunity to read what she has to share, I’ll be subscribing. 

Those of you that have been to visit our office have probably met the ray of sunshine that is Karen Keaton. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe what she’s done for my life. I can’t think of a more kind and caring coworker… who also just “gets” me. It’s hard to imagine a Monday where I don’t see her smiling face and have the chance to ask for her treasured advice.

A few months into my role as Editor, I called on current Mail Publisher Deanna Moore to guide and teach me all she could. Since becoming my boss, she has continued to pour her experience into me and I cherish the friendship and camaraderie that we’ve naturally built. I’m sad to leave such a wonderful group of hard-working, wildly accepting friends… who have ultimately become a second family. 

The past six months have held some of the most difficult, eye-opening and bittersweet moments of my life. With each closed chapter, an even greater one has seemed to follow and I couldn’t thank God enough for allowing me to walk through this journey. 

For those of you who would like to stay connected, give my reporter page a like or follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I cannot wait to share my final few stories with Webster County and I hope you’ll stay tuned for what’s coming up next… Exciting stuff is happening! 

Say yes to life. I love you all.


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