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From the Editor: To all of the women who raised me


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you is simply not enough. As a society, we often take for granted all of the women who mother us.

The women who fight tooth and nail to provide all that they can for us.

The ones who taught us everything from how to brush our teeth to how to navigate a transition into the adult world.

The women who combed our hair before we even knew how!

The ones who woke up hours before their own work day just to make sure our little bellies were full of breakfast and our lunches were packed, just so we could trot off to school without even a thanks.

The moms who would make sure we had new shoes, clothes, and outlooks on our self worth before they EVER even thought about replacing the same old tattered clothing in their own closets.

The moms that stand on the sidelines and watch every single game, dance recital, musical, band, choir concert, baptism, FFA banquet, and more. Our absolute biggest fans.

The ones who always put everyone else before their own self care and probably haven’t had a peaceful moment alone in their own bathroom since they brought their first baby home.

The moms who planned every birthday party and treated all of our friends like their own children.

The women that say “there’s no way you’re getting that for Christmas!” and then sit with the most satisfactory smirk on their faces when your eyes light up as you open it.

The moms that spend all day at work and then rush home to cook dinner, clean the kitchen and bathe their children before they ever even get to sit down.

The moms who kissed every boo boo, dried every tear and helped us through every heartbreak.

The moms who may have been still growing up and figuring out life for themselves, yet still made sure our every need was met.

The moms who stay up at night worrying if their baby will make it out of whatever darkness enters our lives, yet never cease to BELIEVE that we will.

The moms that unwaveringly pray for each of us before she ever even lays down.

Sometimes, our mommas are truly all we have. They go above and beyond for us and expect nothing in return.

Mothers are a blessing on Earth and deserve to be reminded of that every day. Not just today.

I want to extend a belated Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful momma and to every single one of the women who have poured into me over the years. Thank you will never be enough.


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