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Drug Court celebrates again


The Webster County Drug Court celebrated its 56th graduate, Stephen Holton on July 7. This was not just a celebration of sobriety, but a testament of Holton’s commitment and the program's success. 

“Drug Court provides an alternative to those in the Department of Corrections, probation and parole. We assist and empower individuals to live a sober life. Treatment court success places a new outlook on life and it can transform a person from an offender to a productive member of society like Mr. Stephen,” smiles Lori Letterman, Webster County Victim Advocate. during Holton's graduation. “The (Drug Court) team dedicates themselves and evolves to help each participant. It is a privilege and honor to be part of a team that provides tools to others to help them succeed in life.”

The Webster County Adult Drug Court has proven that a combination of accountability and compassion saves lives. The program is coming up to its 20th year in Webster County, offering an alternative to prison or jail time through numerous therapy sessions, drug court meetings, check-ins with parole officers and more. Holton endured all that and more to prove he was committed to changing his life. 

“It's challenging, but it's worth it in the end,” shared Holton. “ But believe in yourself. Do it.”

Graduating is just another step on the road to recovery according to Judge Chuck Replogle. 

“You're gonna be in recovery for the rest of your life and you have to remain diligent, every single day, for the rest of your life, because your great enemy, addiction, prowls around you looking for an opening. Don't ever let your guard down,” said Judge Replogle.

“Now, your sobriety is not only for you, but it's for this community. You're an advocate, an ambassador for recovery. I want you to think about that as a purpose for your life; to help others. Your story has power so use it, tell it as often as you can because it's going to bring a lot of people hope.”


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