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Do you have a plan?


Living in the Midwest can have many weather challenges, from heat waves, tornados, and snowstorms, and it can be hard to navigate.

“It’s good to be ready for the spring and summer time and to have a plan for bad weather,” said Angelica Soria, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service – Springfield. “That way, you’re not scrambling at the last minute.”

But what exactly should you plan for, considering the weather can change on a dime here? There are many weather events in the Midwest. Still, the most important ones to prepare for are tornados, thunderstorms, floods, lightning, heat, and snow storms.

"Being prepared helps you not be scared," Soria explains. "When something happens, you will be calm and prepared. Plans are excellent if you have family or kids. Say they are home alone, and severe weather occurs. If you have a plan, they will know what to do."

Regardless of the plan, the first is how to receive alerts and warnings. Thanks to modern technology, there are multiple ways to get those alerts, including storm sirens, NOAA weather radio, checking local TV stations, or signing up for weather alerts on your phone.

Soria mentions, "Make sure your gutters are cleared, and your roof is in good shape to receive potential heavy rainfall."

She continues, "If you are outside or on the lake and hear thunder, you must seek shelter and get inside. 'Thunder roars, go indoors.' The same thing goes for lightning. You want to avoid being caught on the water if there is lightning in the area.

Wherever you are or whatever you do, make sure you are safe.

To learn more information, you can visit the NWS website at www.weather.gov/sgf/ or check out their Youtube channel NWS Springfield.


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