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Celebrating 25 years of public service


Alderman Leon Roderick was the guest of honor as the City of Rogersville celebrated him on April 6.

The party was to celebrate Roderick's over 25 years of public service. These years come from being a member of Rogersville's former board of Fire and Parks, him serving in Planning and Zoning, the Board of Aldermen, and many more.

"It's been an honor to serve on this board." told Roderick, "Over the years there have been some good and not so good boards; right now we have a good board. Overall, the city has been able to move forward and I appreciate being part of it and seeing the city grow and prosper. I think we are in a good spot to move forward." 

"If our citizens of Rogersville offered as much back to the community as Leon has, there's no telling what we would really have here." Told Mayor Jack Cole, "Leon and I didn't always agree on everything, but one thing we did agree on every single time was doing what is best for the City of Rogersville. That means a lot."


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