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Bread Crumbs


If we wish to be divinely aligned, as that will lead to the highest good of all of humanity and creation, and therefore, our own personal happiest state of being, then we have to be willing to follow that fleeting trail that the divine realm lays out for us.

That trail is like bread crumbs that wind through a forest. Only this time, unlike Hansel, we may not remember ever even laying them out for ourselves- it was some higher version of ourselves that already had this planned out, eons ago, before we ever even took up residence in our mothers’ wombs.

These bread crumbs we may have to search for. Their path may take unexpected twists and turns. It may seem as though they are quickly disappearing due to moisture, or other outside conditions, or wild birds swooping them up as their own tasty morsel. Perhaps it’s because we’ve waited too long to act upon following them, due to a lack of faith or clear understanding of just what they were to begin with, and that exact, particular pathway is no longer open anymore.

But never fear, when we are truly, deeply seeking to be divinely aligned, knocking on that beautiful door, then the next bread crumb will shortly appear. It could be a simple nudge to let us know where we are to head next, or a well-timed coincidence which leaves us perplexed, initially, until we realize that it was all just confirmation that we are, indeed, headed in the right direction.

Whatever form this trail takes on for us, one thing is for certain: It’s completely unique to us. Our very soul’s blueprint is not to be compared and contrasted with any other’s journey. Sure, there may be similarities, and there may be crossings in which we are on the same path, at least momentarily. But in the end, relying on any other power or institution to advise us on this uniquely individual journey is going to lead to failure, disappointment, and/or confusion. If we are, on the other hand, to take back that power, restore it to its rightful owner, ourselves, then we will feel the alignment that takes place and feel just how much better that feels.

So follow the bread crumbs, and if you can’t find them, or sense them, keep searching for them. Because they are there, no matter what form they take for each of us personally. You’ll know them because they’ll feel like home, sweet, home.


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