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Before you travel:


As the weather gets colder, it will not be long before frost settles in and snow starts falling. With that in mind, preparing for the upcoming weather is something that's never too early to start. One of the best ways is to see what is in store for the day.

"It is important to stay up to date on daily weather forecasts," said Jordan Didio, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Springfield. "If you are not aware of what the forecast is, then you can't make the best decision for yourself."

Thanks to modern technology, there are multiple ways to check the weather and get alerts, including storm sirens, NOAA weather radio, local TV stations, signing up for weather alerts on your phone, or checking the local TV and National Weather Service social media.

"If you are out traveling late at night or in the morning, it can get quite cold," explained Didio. "It would be a good idea to pack extra blankets in the vehicle in case it breaks down, along with an emergency kit. Also, packing some extra food and water can be something that can help you out if you get into a tough situation."

Before traveling, consider putting some of the following items in an emergency kit:

Mobile phone charger or power batteries

Flashlight with extra batteries

First-aid kit

Additional clothing to keep dry

Sack of sand or cat litter for traction


Windshield scraper and brush

Tool kit

Tow rope

Battery booster cables

Compass and road maps- don't depend on mobile devices with limited battery life.

Finding shelter soon as possible is essential if you find yourself out in the cold or without a working heat source. Many counties in Missouri have warming centers, but these places may not always be open or run on limited hours.

In Webster County, the current warming centers are:

Marshfield Senior Center at 228 North Crittenden, Marshfield, 417-859-3555

Seymour Community Library at 320 East Clinton Avenue, Seymour, 417-935-4193

Seymour Senior Center at 205 S Commercial St, Seymour, 417-935-2211

For a complete list of warming centers in Missouri, visit the website: https://tinyurl.com/y35f8z4r.

Stay warm and informed as the weather changes.

For more information, visit the NWS website at www.weather.gov/sgf/ or check out their YouTube channel, NWS Springfield.


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