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I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you is simply not enough. As a society, we often take for granted all of the women who mother us. more
I’ve heard enough about the “good ol’ days” of a half a century or more ago. I’ve stewed about it for awhile, but what finally brought the cream to the top was a newspaper article I read last week about air conditioning in public schools. more
Family protection occurs in some interesting ways in the bird world. more
Letter to the Editor, more
May is Graduation Month; very soon, hundreds of students will move on to the next stage of their life with a lot of focus on high school and college students. Some of these students have a detailed map of where they want to be next and what life will be like, which is fantastic for those individuals. It is a great idea to have a plan. more
It is commendable that we remember our own mothers with cards and other tokens of love this Mother's Day, but it is even more fitting that we thank God and pray for mothers everywhere. more
In Missouri, any snake found near the water or swimming in it is presumed to be a venomous cottonmouth. The snake that usually gets killed by snake-fearing humans in this scenario is frequently not a cottonmouth. Cottonmouths do, indeed, reside in Missouri and they live along streams and remote portions of some of the lakes in this part of the state; but they don’t have the range or commonality that often is attributed to them. Now that it’s warming up, cottonmouths will be coming out of their winter dormancy. So will all the humans who like to frequent streams and lakes. So, it’s a good time to review the facts – and a few fallacies – that surround cottonmouths. Let’s start with the facts: more
What happened to thinking before you speak, walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, or the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I’m talking about the younger generation, mine, and the older generations. We are guilty of this, myself included. more
I am enamored by all things having to do with the mind- the very inner-workings of the brain. Because of my fascination, I’m drawn to books written by psychiatrists, or about any psychology-related dealings. In this last one I read, the psychiatrist author referenced three different movies I was compelled to watch, because I wanted to learn more about what influences this bright woman. Early 80’s film Resurrection, Woody Allen’s Zelig, and pianist David Helfgott’s Shine: That list caught my attention, so I soon found myself looking them up, then figuring out how to borrow them. more
My dad wouldn’t let me take a typing class in high school. He said that was for girls with their piano fingers. They would be better at it, and I would never need it, anyway. He was right on at least one count. The girls were better. So was everyone else. To this day — more than 53 years since I made my first dollar from behind a typewriter — I’m still a hunt-and-peck typist. Four fingers, though, not just two Maybe that’s why I never developed carpal tunnel. My first semester of college at Southwest Missouri State I rented a standard typewriter so I could peck out my freshman composition papers. Rather than the accepted 30 words per minute minimum, I managed 30 minutes per page on “Eaton’s Corrasable Bond” typing paper. That was the best I could get, but I still managed to erase holes in it. It wouldn’t have been much fun to watch me type — if you had the time — especially for an expert typist. It wasn’t much fun for me, either. I was happy no one was watching. more
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