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Toilets for Cash


If you live in or around the Conway, Missouri area you may have noticed a recent uptick in yards featuring a bright red toilet. If you’re wondering what the deal is, let the Marshfield Mail be the first to assure you that no, everyone in Conway did not recently decide to remodel their bathrooms.

Conway Project Graduation is hosting a “CHS Project Grad Flush Funds” fundraiser to benefit the senior class project grad fund.

“We have seen other communities in the area do it (flush fundraiser) so we thought we would give it a try,” shared Kim Shelton, parent of a 2023 graduating senior.

The fundraiser itself was slow to take hold, however now, Shelton says it’s a great success. “It started a little slow but has started catching on. We are about two weeks out on deliveries right now…”.

According to the fundraiser Facebook page, the way the fundraiser works is that people from the community can nominate their friends, family or neighbors to be a “proud recipient of a CHS Project Graduation “Flush Funds” bowl with a $20 donation. From there the CHS Senior class will transport the bowl to its new home.

For the next 48 hours the bowl will decorate the yard of the recipient. However, if the toilet recipient would like the bowl removed before the 48 hour mark and ensure their removal from the nomination list, they can make a $50 donation and the CHS senior class will make it disappear. In addition, for a $10 donation, the recipient can find out who nominated them.

“We have a small group of senior boys that have taken on the responsibility of transporting them (the toilets) where they need to go and have done a great job with it,” shared Shelton.

The CHS project graduation team has a goal to raise $10,000-$12,000 for project graduation. “Currently we have a little over $4,000,” shared Shelton. “We have a big fundraiser coming up on February 4 that we are hoping is very successful: Donkey Basketball. One of the teams competing will be the Marshfield FFA vs. Conway FFA, so we hope to have a huge crowd for that.”

For now, the “Flush Funds” Fundraiser continues in Conway.

“The community has been very receptive to the toilets and have gotten a good laugh at times!” shared Shelton.

If you live in our around the Conway community and would like to nominate your friends or neighbors to be the proud recipients of a bright red toilet, head to the CHS Project Grad Flush Funds Facebook page for the nomination form or email: 2023chsprojectgrad@gmail.com


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